Training Practice approval

Following is the final version of the new approval form.  We have been piloting this over the last few months.  Also following is a guide document which describes the new processes in detail.  Both documents are shaped around the new GMC and HEE quality frameworks.

We have decided to change the processes as we recognise that we need to reduce the burden of the visits/approvals whilst maintaining the necessary quality of what we do. The main areas of change are listed below:

  • An approval form which is separated into two parts.  One for the practice and one for the trainer/educational supervisor(s).
  • A lengthened approval period of up to 5 years for an actual and 3 years for a virtual visit.
  • A shortened approval visit.
  • A more streamlined administration process.
  • Greater consistency of approach.

Greater clarity in the rare circumstances where we have any concerns about the arrangements for training and use of the word ‘requirements’ to better align ourselves with the GMC terminology. Our next task is to review the existing visits schedule and work out who will need visiting when.  You will hear from us at least six months before your visit (virtual or actual) is due.  Although there are a number of different permutations if you last had a virtual approval it will now be valid for 3 years and if you last had an actual visit it will now be valid for 5 years.

Training practice Approval Form – FINAL V2 – October 2017

Training Practice Approval Visit Pack – FINAL October 2017