Help for calculating Registrar’s pay

There are two parts to a GP Registrar’s pay – basic pay and banding.

Basic pay

See Annex A Section 1 of the pay circular for basic pay for doctors on MN37.

You place the doctor on the appropriate point on the pay scale according to page 10 section 2 of the GP Registrar directions.

Page 10 section 2 of the GP Registrar directions sets out:

a) For the GP Registrar’s allowance and board and lodging a maximum payment related to the basic salary the GP Registrar was receiving in his or her last regular NHS hospital post as set out in the scale in Annex 3 and increasing on the anniversary of the GP Registrar’s incremental date when in that post to the next higher points in that scale, subject to the exceptions set out below.

This means that a GP Registrar will generally move up one point on the MN37 scale each year (as per Annex A Section 1 of our pay circular). However there are some exceptions listed on page 10 Section 2b of the directions for doctors who are not moving directly from a hospital StR post to the practice post.


The banding supplement for GP registrars is 45% for contracts made after 31 March 2009 (as per para 7 of our pay circular).