Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training

Less Than Full Time training

Trainees sometimes find that their circumstances change during their training. Should this happen, you may wish to consider a change to LTFT training.

The intention of LTFT programmes is to keep doctors within the NHS who might otherwise leave due to an inability to work on a full time basis. LTFT is available to all training grades in GP training.

LTFT training is subject to eligibility, the identification of a suitable placement and availability of resources.

The key aims of LTFT training are:

  • To retain doctors within the NHS workforce who are unable to train on a full time basis
  • To promote career development and work/life balance for doctors training within the NHS
  • To ensure continued training in programmes on a time-equivalent (pro rata) basis
  • To maintain a balance in LTFT arrangements with regards to educational needs and those of the service

Applying to Train LTFT

Trainees who wish to be considered for Less Than Full Time Training MUST meet with their Associate Dean in order to discuss their eligability and to allow them to complete and return the LTFT application form and submit to ltft.wx@hee.nhs.uk

Trainees are encouraged to apply as far as possible in advance of wishing to undertake Less Than Full Time Training, but no later than 16 weeks before the anticipated start date of your LTFT training.

After the LTFT application has been approved a letter confirming the approval will be sent to the trainee. This will also act as the trainees certificate of eligibility throughout their training at the approved percentage.

Changing Percentage

Should a LTFT trainee wish to change their approved training percentage they will need to apply by meeting with their Associate Dean and then completing a Change of Percentage form and submitting to LTFT.WX@hee.nhs.uk for approval. This form must be completed at least 16 weeks before the intended start date of change to allow adequate time for the change to be approved at HEE – Wessex by the Associate Dean and Programme Team and for the employing Trust to make the necessary changes to the rota.

If for any reason a trainee can not give 16 weeks notice then approval will not be given until the Associate Dean has considered the reason and provided consent.  The Programme Manager will then identify a suitable placement on the programme to accommodate the change which may require the trainee to wait until arrangements can be made with Medical HR and rota Co-ordinators.

Returning to Full Time Training

Trainees should refer to the less than full time guidance document if they are considering returning to full time training.