Assessment and Examinations

The MRCGP examination is the single training and assessment system for UK trained doctors wishing to obtain a CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training) in General Practice.

The MRCGP assessments are mapped to the GP curriculum and address the wide-ranging knowledge, clinical skills and communication skills required for a doctor to be deemed competent to enter independent practice in the United Kingdom. Satisfactory completion of MRCGP is a pre-requisite for the issue of a CCT in general practice and confirms eligibility for full membership of the RCGP.

The integrated examination comprises three separate components: the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT), Recorded Consultation Assessment (RCA) and Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA).

The RCGP website has up-to-date information on all aspects of the MRCGP examination, including examination application and assessment dates. It is worthwhile checking this regularly. Our Resource page also has further useful information.

Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)

3 hour multiple choice test of 200 questions. It is computer based and you take it at one of 150 Pearson VUE test centres, where the UK driving theory tests currently take place.

Approximately 80% of questions will be on clinical medicine, 10% on critical appraisal and evidence based medicine, and 10% on health informatics, management and administration.  

You can take the AKT in ST2 or 3; you are not allowed to sit it in ST1.

Recorded Consultation Assessment (RCA)

The RCA is a summative assessment of a doctor’s ability to integrate and apply clinical, professional, communication and practical skills appropriate for general practice. The candidates are required to submit 13 pre-recorded video or audio consultations, of a sufficient level of challenge to demonstrate competence across the 3 domains of:

  1. Data gathering,

2. Decision making and clinical management, and

3. Interpersonal skills.

The college have mandatory criteria required, in addition to recommended criteria. Two independent examiners attribute a maximum of 3 marks per domain for each of the 13 cases.

Workplace Based Assessments (WPBA)

Continuous assessment throughout training made up of case based discussions (CbD), consultation observation tool (COT) when in GP and mini clinical evaluation exercise (Mini-CEX) when in hospital posts, directly observed clinical procedures (DOPs), multi source feedback (MSF) and patient satisfaction questionnaires (PSQs). Prescribing reviews, quality improvement audits and projects are also mandated. These assessments are recorded in your e-portfolio.

You are also required to make ‘learning log’ entries on your e-portfolio which is reflective writing to help you think deeply about what you’ve been learning or experiencing and to keep an active Professional Development Plan (PDP) on your e-portfolio.