When should the trainee be advised to sit AKT?

What source material is used for questions that I could expect my trainee to be familiar with?

Are there any topics that are ‘off limits’?

What strategies for AKT correlate well with exam success?

Is the AKT negatively marked?

What are the topics that trainees struggle with?

Are there any Free) AKT questions resources to help my registrar prepare?

Are there any books reccommended?

What should the registrar do during their day in GP? Do they need a tutorial?

Who are the clinical and educational supervisor(s) in Community based posts?

What day of the week should the trainee attend GP placement?

To what standard do I need to prepare my trainee?

Are there any specific cases that I should prepare my trainee for?

What length are the CSA consultations?

Is it all about communication skills? What about examination skills?

Do paediatric cases feature in the exam?

What equipment will my registrars need?

Are there any particular markers that correlate with success or failure?

My trainee hasn’t passed this attempt at the CSA – how can I help?

Is there any example material to help me decide what is a good log entry?

Does my registrar need their own room?

What should my registrar be doing in their independant learning / study session?

Does my GPST need to be in practice during their independant study session?

What should the practice educational sessions comprise?

When should my registrar finish in posts – July 31st or the 1st Tuesday in August/February?

My next registrar is my GP partners daughter – is this OK?

Is my trainee obliged to attend practice business meetings?

Should my registrar have done some weekend and/or bank holiday OOH sessions?