Placement & Rotation Information

Individual Training Programmes

We have 58 Individual Training Programme available on the Norfolk Scheme August 2020.

Basic Rota Information

How much time do I spend in GP Placements

The majority of rotations have 18m in GP, 6m ITP and 12m in hospital placements.  Some rotations may have extra GP in placements.

Which hospital(s) would I work in?

Most hospital rotations are based at the NNUH (Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)

Where is Psychiatry based?

Psychiatry is based within NSFT (Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust) which has community and hospital locations throughout Norfolk.  

How are rotations allocated to trainees?

Trainees are invited to preference rotations via Oriel these will be offered on a ranked basis.

The 1st years rotations will be available via Oriel. Please see below for completed 3 year rotations – please note these are subject to change and will be confirmed by the local administrator.

August 2022 Rotations coming soon.

Please note:

  • Rotations are subject to change.
  • GP practices can sometimes change, GP practices come and go from training, operational reasons, trainers move on, we do try to avoid this but this is sometimes beyond our control
  • We are unable to change your allocated hospital rotations
  • Practice placements are linked to rotations and we are unable to make changes
  • TBC – post to be confirmed