Editing the Site

Watch these two videos first:

PLEASE DO NOT USE IMAGES FROM JUST ANYWHERE OFF THE NET. DO NOT EVEN USE COPYRIGHT FREE IMAGES VIA GOOGLE SEARCH (as many have hidden stipulations how to use and display otherwise the image owners may claim copyright infringement).

There are two websites where you can get copyright-free images safely from:



Some of these sites advertise Shutterstock. However. please do NOT use Shutterstock images (even images with a faint Shutterstock logo on it) – unless you have a paid account with them.

Be careful of uploading PowerPoint Slides with images on them as these images may be subject to copyright restrictions. So, check all PowerPoints before uploading them.


This includes anything, like schedules and post rotations with trainees’ names on it. Try and anonymise information.

To add a duplicate block like this one, click on the blue title above, then click the three horizontal dots and select duplicate. Then replace the text with whatever you want.

To edit a block, simply click where you want to edit and edit live.

To delete a block like this one, click on the blue title above, then click the three horizontal dots and select Remove Block.

There are so many different types of block available – like panels, dashboards, lists, more headings and lots more.

To add a different type of block, click the PLUS button like you can see below underneath this block. Once you click that, a pop up will appear with a load of other blocks you can use. It will display the common ones first and then if you scroll down it will display a variety of other blocks.

And you can move blocks around. Simply click the blue area of the block and select the 6 dots on the left or use the arrows to move it up and down. You can even move around paragraph blocks in a similar way. For example, in this block, there are 3 sub-blocks that can be moved in a similar way. Try it now.

On the right hand side click Document.

Then click Revisions

A new page will pop out and you can click the PREVIOUS button at the top left to see an earlier version. You can click this button again to see an even earlier version. Once you have found the one you want, click “Restore to this version”.

To publish a new post, simply log into WordPress and click the “New” tab at the top on the Dashboard and select “Post” (not page). Then it’s a case of writing away. Remember to keep the post title short. However, you can write lots more in the body.

Posts can be a great way to share up and coming events with your colleagues.