ST2 Teaching

  • The teaching programme will run from September until July. Each teaching session is held jointly with ST1s. Small group work will be held for the second half of the session.
  • It is the DiT’s responsibility to check the timetable and confirm availability with their hospital department or GP practice before booking a place with the GP Office. Please liaise with your GP colleagues and rota organisers to share opportunities equally.
  • There is the expectation that DiT are to reach a minimum of 70% attendance based on 10 teaching sessions for those in hospital rotations and 20 teaching sessions for those in GP/Community/ITP overall each academic year. Pro-rata for LTFT DiT.
  • Additional Topic Teaching sessions will be held approximately once a month. Attendance for those in a hospital rotation is strongly encouraged and mandatory for all those in GP/Community/ITP to attend. Some Topic Teaching is organised on our behalf by BGPERT, our external education provider. https://www.bathgped.co.uk/
  • Regular teaching reminders will be sent out (please plan ahead).
  • If you find you cannot attend please let the GP Office know as a courtesy.
  • Attendance is recorded using the signed register from each session.
  • Regular checks of teaching attendance will be made, especially around 6 month review and ARCP periods.
  • If it is on the teaching timetable an Accent study leave application does not need to be submitted.