York GP Teaching August 2020 – August 2021

05.08.20New Trainees at InductionN/AN/ANew Starters
12.08.20ST1 – Introduction to GPNicola Gill, Clare McLure & Tim LongmoreNO PEASST1
12.08.20ST2 – Learning & AKTAndy Moriaty & Stuart CalderNO PEASST2
12.08.20ST3 – Consultation SkillsDavid Fair, Rory Ellis-Hollins & Claire AndertonNO PEASST3
19.08.20New Starter SessionNicola GillNicola GillST1/2 in GP
19.08.20RCA PracticeMartin Block & Clare McLure Martin Block & Clare McLureST3
26.08.20Out of Hours InductionMalcolm AbrinesPEASST1/2 in GP
26.08.20How to pass the RCA Chris Hirst & Clare McLureChris Hirst & Clare McLureST3
26.08.20All about ITPsNicola GillNicola GillST1/2 in ITP
02.09.20Duties of a Doctor / GMCIan WilsonNO PEASTrainees in GP
09.09.20WDR: Health InequalityEmma Gees & External ResoucesAll TPDsAll Trainees
16.09.20SepsisAbbie Brooks & Chris BennettAbbie Brooks, Chris Bennett and Chris HirstTrainees in GP
23.09.20Introduction to COTsDavid Fair & Rory Ellis-HollinsNO PEASST1/2 in GP
23.09.20Breastfeeding problem & other post-natal issuesMaddy HawkinsClare McLureST3
30.09.20Explanation GameNicola Gill, Chris Hirst, Clare McLure, Sam Plummer & Vic JankeeNicola Gill, Sam Plummer & Vic JankeeTrainees in GP
07.10.20Consultation Skills – Psychological Back StorySarah Blades, Nicola Gill, Dariush Saeedi & David FairSarah Blades & Nicola GillTrainees in GP
14.10.20WDR: Child & Adult Safeguarding Level 3Janette Griffiths, Christine Pearson & Nigel WellsNO PEASAll Trainees
21.10.20Abnormal Blood ResultsNina SloanEmma Dickinson & Nicola GillTrainees in GP
28.10.20Long-term effects of CancerOlivia BrockNicola GillTrainees in GP
04.11.20MindfulnessChris Jones Chris Jones, Sarah Blades & Chris HirstTrainees in GP
11.11.20WDR: Respiratory COPD & Asthma Vanessa Barrett & Mike JoblingVanessa Barrett, Mike Jobling and Clare McLureAll Trainees
18.11.20Telephone ConsultationsMichelle Czajkowski, Uwa Sanusi, Christine Johnston, Chris Hirst & Vic Jankee.
With Simulated Patients
Michelle Czajkowski, Uwa Sanusi & Chris HirstTrainees in GP
25.11.20Making use of Technology in PracticesAbbie Brooks & Emma DickinsonAbbie Brooks, Emma Dickinson & Clare McLureTrainees in GP
02.12.20Social PrescribingHelen Ward & Christine MarmionNicola GillTrainees in GP
09.12.20WDR: DermatologyRory Ellis-Hollins & Ben ShortenRory Ellis-Hollins, Ben Shorten & Clare McLureAll Trainees
16.12.20Consultation Skills – ICENigel Wells
Alena Billingsley (Observing)
Nigel Wells, Chris Hirst & Alena Billingsley (Observing)Trainees in GP
30.12.20NEW YEAR
06.01.21Practice Management & FinanceChris Hirst & Richard TathamNO PEASTrainees in GP
13.01.21WDR: Paediatrics – Allergies/Rashes/NeonatalGill Towler and Claire Anderton PEASAll Trainees
20.01.21Genomics  Emma ClarkeBen Shorten & Emma DickinsonTrainees in GP
27.01.21Creative ArtsNicola Gill & Chris HirstPEASTrainees in GP

03.02.21New Trainees at Induction
No HDR Blackboard Drop In 1-2pm
10.02.21WDR: Chronic Pain & OpiatesFrances Cole and Eve Jenner AM Only
Nicola Gill, Nisha Prasad, Rachael Hodgson and Michelle Czjakowski
All Trainees
17.02.21New to GP 2-2.45pm OOH Induction 3-5pmChris Hirst               Malcolm AbrinesNO PEASST1/2 in GP
17.02.21RCA PracticeKirsty Suddes & Paula EvansNO PEASST3
17.02.21Consultation SkillsDavid FairNO PEASNew ST3s
24.02.21Introduction to COTsDavid Fair & Rory Ellis-HollinsNO PEASST1/2 in GP
24.02.21Appraisal and RevalidationMonica SmithMonica Smith & Clare McLureST3
03.03.21Trainee Led Session – FrailtyMatthew Pennick & Rose SmithClare McLure & Rose SmithTrainees in GP
10.03.21WDR: MSKFrancis Eyre, Sarah Rayner & Dane VishnubaleFourteen Fish session instead of PEAS – Laura Douglas & Helen BroschAll Trainees
17.03.21Sustainability in Primary CareRumina Onac & Charlotte AndersonNisha Prasad, Rumina Onac & Nicola GillTrainees in GP
24.03.21Motivational InterviewingDylan Summers & Rumina OnacDylan Summers, Rumina Onac & Paula EvansTrainees in GP
31.03.21Trainee Led Session – Lifestyle MedicineSam Naushahi & David FairDavid Fair & Chris HirstST1/2 in GP
31.03.21 (ALL DAY)Launch Pad Event (All Day)N/ANO PEASST3
07.04.21CompassionNicola Gill & Chris HirstNicola GillST1/2 in GP
07.04.21RCA PracticePaula Evans & David FairPaula Evans & David FairST3
14.04.21WDR: Women’s HealthSarah Butlin & Uwa SanusiSarah Butlin, Uwa Sanusi & Clare McLure All Trainees
21.04.21Consultation Skills – CUESClaire Anderton & Chris Hirst (Kate Howlett Observing)Claire Anderton & Chris HirstTrainees in GP
28.04.21Explanation GameDavid Fair, Nicola Gill, Vic Jankee, Sam Plummer & Rose SmithDavid Fair, Nicola Gill & Vic JankeeTrainees in GP
05.05.21Clinical Examination & Procedure Skills (CEPS) IN MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTREMonica Smith, Clare McLure, Vic Jankee & Christine JohnsonNO PEASST1/2 in GP
05.05.21ST3s in Practice (pay back from Launch Pad)N/AN/AST3
12.05.21WDR: Palliative Care 1Vicky MiddletonNO PEASAll Trainees
19.05.21Joint Injections IN MEDICAL EDUCATION CENTRE Clare McLure, Chris Hirst, Richard Tatham & Rory Ellis-HollinsNO PEASTrainees in GP
26.05.21Consultation Skills – Challenging Consultations (with Simulated Patients)Vanessa Barrett, Pete Anderson, Dariush Saeedi, Christine Johnson, Clare McLure & Chris HirstNO PEASTrainees in GP
02.06.21Risk ManagementKirsty Suddes & MDUAlena Billingsley & Kirsty SuddesTrainees in GP
09.06.21WDR: Anxiety & Depression in AM and
ARCP Masterclass in PM
Peter Anderson & Christine Johnston (AM) Nicola Gill (PM)Peter Anderson, Christine Johnston & Nicola GillAll Trainees
16.06.21LeadershipMike Holmes & Sam NaushahiPEASTrainees in GP
23.06.21Red FlagsKathryn Neale & Nisha Prasad Kathryn Neale, Nisha Prasad & Paula EvansTrainees in GP
30.06.21Presentation SkillsBill LaugheyPEASTrainees in GP
07.07.21Trainee Led Session – OpthalmologyRoopa Ramachandra & Uwa SanusiPEASTrainees in GP
14.07.21WDR: Taking TimeNicola Gill & Chris HirstNicola Gill & Chris HirstOnly Trainees that can’t attend the Trainee Conference on 20th July
21.07.21Community PlacementsTPDsNo PEASTrainees in GP
28.07.21No HDRTrainees in GP