Half & Whole Day Release Teaching

GP Teaching

We run a Half-Day Release programme (HDR) and Whole Day Release programme (WDR).

  • Venue: Usually York Hospital Postgraduate Centre- for the remainder of 2020 this will be on Zoom accessed by a login sent through via email.
  • HDR: Every Wednesday afternoon 2pm -5pm All trainees working in primary care, including those in ITP posts should attend every session on Wednesday afternoons when there is no WDR.
  • WDR: 2nd Wednesday of every month 9am – 5pm All trainees should attend this teaching on the second Wednesday of each month. Trainees in GP should not expect to receive their tutorial that week in lieu of the additional teaching time.
  • LTFT Working Trainees working in secondary care should attend every WDR session. It is more complicated for trainees in primary care. No system is perfect. We suggest you look at the programme and choose which sessions work best for you and then let your CS and Beth know which sessions you plan to attend. Work this out every six months so you attend a pro-rata number of sessions depending on how much you are working. As with the f/t trainees you should lose 1 tutorial a month to make up for the extra time allocated for WDR teaching. 

York GP Teaching Programme August 2020 – August 2021

York GP Teaching Programme August 2021 – August 2022

York GP Teaching Programme August 2022 – August 2023

HDR – Half Day Release

Half Day Release teaching takes place every week, and is divided into two parts: PEAS Groups and a structured teaching session.

PEAS groups (Peer Education And Support) 14.00- 14.45

Trainees discuss any issues that have arisen each week in small groups. It’s a safe space to explore problems, gather the opinions of colleagues and receive their support. They are really valued by trainees. A Training Programme Director, trainer or intending trainer often joins the group to share their experiences.

Structured Teaching 15.00-16.30

A more structured teaching session will allow us to explore important areas of General Practice. Teaching will be interactive and include a range of teaching methods.

WDR – Whole Day Release

Whole Day Release Programme

All GP trainees will attend whole day teaching for one day each month.

The programme aims to improve knowledge and skills and will roll over three years, focussing on one area of the GP Curriculum each month. Experts in each area, supported by GP trainers, will deliver the teaching, and will provide a mixture of presentations, small group and case-based teaching. The morning session will focus on experts sharing their knowledge and skills. In the afternoon session there will be time for PEAS followed by a session thinking about how to apply what has been learnt in the morning session in Primary Care.

Aims of GP Teaching sessions

  • Inspire trainees and prepare them for life in General Practice
  • Complement the GP curriculum
  • Explore a diverse range of topics that are difficult to cover in tutorials or Work Placed Base Assessment
  • Challenge and broaden thinking
  • Introduce new concepts
  • Discuss different ways of working
  • Be practical, considering the patients and resources available locally
  • Help GPs prepare for the Applied Knowledge Test & Clinical Skills Assessment exams
  • Share the wisdom and experience of trainers on the Scheme
  • Be flexible and include topical issues
  • Support trainees and focus on their wellbeing
  • Improve trainee’s presentation skills

Reflection and Evaluation

We would encourage you to make a reflective learning log entry after every GP Teaching session, actively thinking about the session helps to reinforce the learning and may identify things you need to check again or read up on.

The Training Programme Directors welcome feedback at any stage, in person or by e-mail. Please give this some genuine thought so that we can enhance the future development of our teaching. If you feel something was good or bad, please tell us specifically what made it that way. We want to adhere to models of good practice and change those that don’t.

Updated 27 October 2020

Half Day Release

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