Practice Managers

Practice Managers


Practice Managers play an important part in the process of GPST Doctors in Training (DiTs) becoming fully qualified GPs and Members of the Royal College of General Practitioners (mRCGP).

Practices have to meet strict criteria to become training practices.  The requirements are managed by one of the 16 Deaneries in the UK. The School of Primary Care, Severn Deanery, based in Bristol, is responsible for GP training in the Swindon and Cirencester patch, which links into the GP Education Office based at Great Western Hospital.  Practice managers have a role in ensuring the criteria required to be a training practice are adhered to.

Once a GPST Doctor in Training (DiT) has been assigned to a practice, the practice manager plays a key role in getting them ready for their placement (including making necessary checks), organising induction and contributing to their learning by offering training on business and practice management.  A DiT will need to understand not only the clinical side of being a GP but also how the business runs if they want to apply for partnerships in the future.

The Practice Manager plays a critical role, orientating new DiTs into the practice, linking up with tutors to encourage the development of each DiT and ensuring they are protected in their supernumerary role within the practice.