Swindon GP Training Scheme


Welcome to Swindon GP Training

Welcome to the Swindon GP Specialty Training Scheme. We are based across Swindon, Cirencester, Kennet and Northwest Wiltshire and are proud to be part of the Severn Deanery.

Swindon is a large town with all of the amenities that you would expect for an urban area of its size, however it is surrounded by the beautiful countryside of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. It is well located, with excellent road and rail links to Bristol, the Southwest, Oxford, Bath and London. Find out more about Swindon on the ‘Visit Swindon’ website.

Our patch is a fantastic place to live and work, and the educational and training opportunities available here complement this. Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust hosts our secondary care posts and we have a diverse range of rural and urban GP training practices providing training in primary care.

Our education programme provides regular sessions for Doctors in Training (DiTs) through the half-day release course (HDRC), which takes place on Wednesdays. We also host events for trainers and work closely with the Swindon Education Trust (SET), who are the CPD provider for our local area. See the ‘About Us’ tab for more information.

July 2024 – Severn GP Trainee Celebration event hosted at Gloucester County Cricket Pavilion, Bristol. /// Photo © Tim Gander. All rights reserved.

What our Doctors in Training say

Dr Katie Heil:
Swindon is a great place to do GP training. The hospital and community placements offer such a variety of experiences and are well balanced for GP. The teaching is good quality and the TPDs are friendly and supportive! I was lucky to do an Education Scholarship in my ST3 year which has been fun and a fab opportunity to develop different skills alongside my clinical practice.

How to apply

Application for general practice training is through the: National Recruitment Office for General Practice

Training in the Swindon area is part of the: Severn Deanery School of Primary Care

The linked websites above will provide you with all the necessary information to apply to GP training in Swindon.