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Lead Employer Contact Information:

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
1st Floor, Sandford Education Centre
Keynsham Road
GL53 7PX

Tel: 0300 422 3144


Less Than Full Time (LTFT)

Study Leave

Please note that the Deanery Guidance for Study Leave has been updated from July 2022. ALL courses need to be agreed by an ES AND be part of the GPST Doctor in Training’s PDP on ePortfolio. Some courses that were previously approved will no longer be approved for all DiTs and may require special permissions. Some courses will require DiTs to contribute to the course costs. Please check the new guidelines carefully before applying or paying for any courses.

The Severn Deanery Study Leave Policy for GPs in Training and all relevant documents can be found here

Please ensure that you follow the Study Leave Application process correctly otherwise you may not be granted Study Leave and may not be reimbursed for any expenses you incur in relation to Study Leave. All study leave applications are now completed using the online ‘Accent’ booking system log in to Accent Here .

In order to claim reimbursement for Study Leave related expenses, you must complete the Claim form (see link below) and upload this to the online ‘Accent’ booking system along with Proof of Payment and Proof of Attendance at the Course

Study Leave related expenses can be claimed for expenses incurred relating to Study Leave such as course fees, travel and subsistence etc

Study leave payments are not intended for costs incurred in taking examinations, ePortfolio costs, affiliation to or membership of the RCGP or registration for certification.  However, travel costs incurred to attend examinations may be applied for. Approval for attending courses outside of the region will not normally be granted if there is a similar course in the region.  

You must submit your expenses claim form within 3 months of attending the course. Claims submitted after this time will be rejected.

Absence from Training

If you are absent from training for any reason, or if you are planning to be absent (i.e. maternity/paternity leave):

  • Let the Host Employer know
  • Let your practice / hospital education provider know
  • Let your programme administrator know

Remember if the sum total of the time you are way is more than 2 weeks per year you will need an extension to training which needs to be planned (it will not automatically be arranged).  

Please refer to the Deanery Website here for more information and advice on all types of absence including Maternity/Paternity leave, Sickness leave, Jury Service, Sickness Absence, Carer’s leave etc

You will need to complete a Change Form for each incident of absence. These can be found HERE and should be returned to the GP admin team via email


The Deanery UUSC FAQs can be found here.

The current UUSC Guidance document can be found Here

Links to the UUSC Passport template and the UUSC Session log can be found on the Deanery website here

Currently UUSC sessions are booked via Medvivo – contact them directly on or

Change Forms

A Change form must to be used to communicate ANY change to training for ANY part of your training. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Moving house
  • Changing email address or phone
  • Changing supervisor
  • Changing placement
  • Changing from full time training to less than full time
  • Taking time out of programme
  • Going on maternity or paternity leave

It is essential we hear from you if any changes take place that may affect your training. If we don’t hear from you it could affect your training record or create possible pay issues.

Change forms can be found here

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your programme administrator: Michala King  tel: 01793 604424

Severn Deanery Policies

Details of policies and procedures from the Severn Deanery can be found here: Policies and Procedures


Half Day Release Course (HDRC) Teaching will generally be on Wednesday Mornings and will be for ST1, ST2 and ST3 together

Teaching will be 9.00 am – 12.30pm and it is anticipated that you attend for the entire session (not part of a session)

Week 1 of the month will be virtual Patch Tutorials held in the 6 Mentor Groups and hosted by one of the GPST Doctors in Training (DiTs) for ST1/ST2/ST3 DiTs in GP placements only

Week 2 will normally be Face to Face in The Academy at Great Western Hospital for ALL ST1/2/3 combined. Starting with Case of the Week (COW), Website of the Week (WOW), Rash of the Week (ROW), Politics/Podcast of the Week (POW), then moving on to presentations (mainly by ST2/3’s or external speakers) and then breakout groups for discussion

Week 3 will vary between F2F and virtual teaching (check the Schedule for more info) and will be for ALL ST1/2/3 combined. Starting with ROW/WOW/POW etc, and then a speaker, There may then be a Swindon Education Trust (SET) course in the afternoon

Week 4 will normally be Face to Face in The Academy at Great Western Hospital for ST1/2/3 DiTs in GP Placements only including those LTFT DiTs in GPST3 who have completed their teaching requirements but who wish to come along to keep in touch and in the loop. Starting with ROW/WOW/POW etc, and a speaker, followed by Groups split by Exam stage of training (eg Pre-AKT, pre CSA, post CSA)

Week 5 with be self directed study and preparation, there will be an expectation that this is completed by all ST3’s and a hope that it will be completed for other trainees in GP placements.

Attendance – Which sessions do you need to go to?

WeekFormatWho needs to attend
Week 1Patch Tutorials – hosted virtually by GPST Doctors in Training in their Mentor groupsST1, ST2 and ST3 DiTs in GP posts only*
Week 2Normally Face to Face in The Academy at GWH: Joint working, OWS, Presentations/Speakers, then breakout discussion in Mentor groupsALL ST1, ST2 and ST3 DiTs
Week 3Check HDRC schedule for F2F/Virtual location:
Joint working, OWS, Presentations/Speakers, then breakout discussion in mixed groups
SET courses
ALL ST1, ST2 and ST3 DiTs including LTFT ST3 DiTs who have completed their teaching requirement
Week 4Normally Face to Face in The Academy at GWH:
Joint working, OWS, Presentations/Speakers, then breakout discussion in EXAM stage groups
ST1, ST2 and ST3 DiTs in GP posts only
Week 5No Teaching – Private studyALL ST3 TRAINEES ST1 and ST2 trainees in GP Placements where possible

We understand that you won’t be able to be released from your departments for all of the teaching sessions, The minimum expected amount is 50% and we would hope that you can attend more on average (We understand that some rota’s are much more flexible than others) The departments have been advised of these changes.

Careers information

Click here to access the resources on the GPNRO website

We have close links with the BSW CCG training hub, and on the link below there is detailed information for newly qualified GP’s.

Career Resources

Job Applications


Podcasts of Interest

Please note the following links will take you to external sites.

Swindon GP Training programme is not responsible for the content of other sites and we advise all GPST Doctors in Training to ensure any information they take/use from external sites can be verified for accuracy and suitability/appropriateness

Please get in touch if you know of any other useful podcasts that we can share on this page!

NHS England – Primary Care Network Podcasts

BMJ Podcasts

GP Notebook Podcasts

Safeguarding Resources

Severn Deanery Mandatory Training Requirements for GPST Doctors in Training
 – including information on Adult and Child Safeguarding requirements and links to the relevant intercollegiate guidelines documents (as well as all the other mandatory training requirements for GP Training)

Swindon Primary Care Safeguarding Sharepoint Group – when you first click on the link you will be taken to the Sharepoint Group page and will need to follow the onscreen instructions to request access to the group. You will need an NHS email to access this group

Swindon Education Trust run Safeguarding Courses – the next one is currently scheduled for 20th October 2021

Swindon Safeguarding Partnership – formerly the Swindon LCSB and LASB

Swindon Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

The RCGP Child Safeguarding Toolkit

The RCGP Adult Safeguarding Toolkit

NSPCC – For a wide range of information and advice including learning from Serious Case Reviews for GPs

Resources for suicidal ideation

RESPONDS – Researching Education to Strengthen Primary care ON Domestic Violence and Safeguarding


Adolescent Neglect

Support for Doctors in Training

Useful Support Contacts

  • Swindon GP Education Office –
  • GWH Occupational Health Department
  • Gloucestershire Occupational Health Department
  • School of Primary Care, Severn Deanery,
  • Bristol BMA –
  • GMC –
  • Severn Deanery Professional Support & Wellbeing (PSU)

Please see our main ‘Support’ tab for more information and advice for Trainees looking for additional support

Trainers Resources

Please see the main ‘GP Practices’ Tab for more information and resources for Trainers

Training Resources & Documents

ARCP Preparation

There is lots of useful information and links to other helpful sources on the RCGP website about the ARCP

Link HERE to the RCGP ARCP Guidance document (Nov 2022)

Curriculum Guides

Developed by South East Scotland Deanery these are really useful short and very accessible guides for hospital posts you may be doing in your ST1 & ST2 GP years. They are also great resources to share with both your Clinical Supervisors (CS) and your Educational Supervisor (ES) and can help with planning your educational needs and looking at learning opportunities in your hospital posts relevant to GP.

The guides include:

  • Some prompts to help you get the most out of your CBD assessments
  • Ideas about learning opportunities that may be available in that hospital post
  • A confidence rating scale that you can use to rate yourself red/amber/green for various areas of knowledge and skills relevant to that post. This may be useful to print out (or use the PDF interactively) & share this with your clinical supervisor at your placement induction meeting with them. Don’t forget you could also upload the completed document to your e-portfolio.
  • RCGP GP Curriculum
  • Online version and downloadable/printable versions of the RCGP curriculum along with presentations and other information


Click here to go to the RCGP ePortfolio information page

Hints and tips and ePortfolio Update presentation

Fourteen Fish – ePortfolio

Mandatory Training

  • Details of the Mandatory Training requirements can be found HERE

Quality Improvement (QI, QIA, QIP)

Work Place Based Assessment (WPBA)

Useful Websites

Secure Resource storage area for TPDs

Educators Secure Resource site