In August 2015 Health Education introduced a single Lead Employer. As a GP Trainee joining the Programme, you will be employed for the duration of your General Practice training by Royal Free Hospital. This will give you consistent terms and conditions for your employment although you will need to comply with the work place policies in each post in which you work.

Royal Free Hospital will handle any employment issues and provide a contract of employment to cover the duration of your General Practice Training. Each Trainee will receive an offer of employment from the Trust before starting the first post and you should receive a contract of employment within eight weeks of your start date. All absences including sick leave, maternity leave etc must be reported to Royal Free Hospital as your employer. This is your responsibility as otherwise it may lead to you being paid incorrectly.

The offer of employment is separate from the allocation of a place on a training programme which you will have already received from HESL. The contract of employment sets out the main terms and conditions of service including pay, annual leave, notice periods and the details of the out of hours work that you will be expected to carry out.

You can contact GP LEO for all payroll, employment, Occupational Health and HR services by emailing rf.leademployerservice@nhs.net or calling 02037582059.

What activities, if any, will not be covered by these arrangements?

The establishment of a Lead Employer is about supporting the employment and HR needs of GPSTs.  All other processes, funding streams or payments, including those made in support of training or trainers, both within Primary and Secondary care settings, are unaffected by these arrangements and these include:

  • Rotation planning
  • Recruitment
  • Assessment
  • Training design development and delivery
  • Faculty development
  • Career advice
  • Trainee support that relates specifically to educational need
  • Study Leave management
  • Performers List Process

The establishment of a Lead Employer for all GPSTs does not change current Performers List processes; the only exception to this is that the Lead Employer will now be responsible for undertaking all Pre-Employment and DBS checks and for confirming the outcomes from this processes to Local Area Teams and/or their nominated contacts.

The Lead Employer will be required to work collaboratively with all Local Education Providers and other stakeholders involved in the Performers List process in order to ensure compliance and, should these processes change, with whatever arrangements are agreed and in place in the future.