Speciality Training for General Practice

General practice training will takes place within structured three-year training programmes leading to a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT). These individual training programmes will be designed to deliver the competencies outlined in the training curriculum statements of the Royal College of General Practitioners.


Recruitment and selection will run to a national timetable along with all other specialties. Programmes will be advertised in December each year. Applicants to general practice will be required to undertake a machine marked selection test which will be used for short-listing. Short-listed applicants will be invited to a selection centre where they will undertake a number of structured exercises, including a simulated patient encounter and group exercise. Successful applicants will be matched to one of their preferred schemes depending on their performance at selection.

Three-year structured training

Graduates of the Foundation Programme will be recruited into three-year structured training programmes. These will typically contain substantive posts in at least three secondary care specialties and a minimum of one-year in a general practice placement (a period of 18 months in general practice will be phased in over the next few years).

Successful completion of a training programme will lead to the award of a CCT and should enable the trainee to practice safely and competently in UK general practice. Programmes will contain an appropriate balance between service and education, formal and informal teaching and learning, primary and secondary care. Attachments in hospital will be designed to deliver the competencies of the RCGP curriculum e.g. through more outpatient, and less theatre and ward, work and integrated training placements, and will enable trainees to gain wider experience.

Applying to General Practice

A full guide to applying for speciality training programmes through MTAS is now available on The application process is dependant on you completing your application appropriately. Getting it right is an important part of maximising your chances in achieving entry to the training programme you want.

Applying to General Practice is similar to applying to the other specialities but there are some significant differences since recruitment to General Practice is co-ordinated nationally by this office. The General Practice recruitment process has been developed over the last five years with the aim of using one standardised assessment and avoiding multiple applications to different deaneries in order to appoint the strongest candidates across the country.

National Recruitment Office

The National Recruitment Office co-ordinates recruitment to general practice training schemes throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This website is designed to help doctors who want to train for general practice identify the available opportunities and make informed judgements about where they wish to train.


MPETB is the independent regulatory body responsible for postgraduate medical education and training.