What, where, when?

Local ARCP panels take place yearly when GP StRs move from:

  1.  ST1 to ST2
  2.  ST2 to ST3
  3.  ST3 to CCT

The local panel will consist of a TPD, a trainer, a lay member and an administrator. The local panel looks at evidence in the E-portfolio and take into account the educational supervisors report. The panel will decide if you have enough evidence to prove satisfactory progress in your training, and in ST3 the competencies have been achieved to get completion of training.

Panels do take place every month for GPs who are out of sync or LTFT with the programme, such as those who have been on maternity leave, extended leave or those who have attended a panel and been found to be unsatisfactory and have been given a short period of time to present the missing evidence. If you know you are out of sync, ask the Postgraduate Centre when your panel will be so that your evidence is up to date in the E-portfolio, you will need all your evidence in your E-portfolio to the stage of training that you are at. You will have a panel (progression or interim) every 12 months.

For the panels held in June for registrars who have not had time out, (or this is where the LTFTT panel falls) the Postgraduate Centre will have the date and also a second date that ALL your evidence must be uploaded into your E-portfolio by.

As panels take place in June, this may mean you need to get all your evidence, including 6 OOH (or dates for these) in your E-portfolio within 4 months.

To make sure you pass your panel ensure you have checked you have all the evidence in your E-portfolio that the panel will be looking for.

If you do not have enough evidence in your E-portfolio to prove your progress, you will be reviewed by a Deanery panel, which you may need to attend. (See note at bottom of page). The Deanery panel may decide you need additional time to complete the competencies required or arrange meetings with the Deanery Performance Tutor, they will try and support the registrar through these times, but there are very rare occasions where they are unable to continue support of registrars on the scheme.

The GMC requires Deaneries to complete the panel process for their trainees between six and eight weeks before the end of the training programme to ensure that CCTs can be issued at the trainees completion date.


Deanery follow up panels following local outcomes.

If you are asked to attend a Deanery panel you are under an obligation to do so.

Deanery panels for CCT

If you are completing your training programme at this time it is essential that you PROTECT Deanery panel dates in your diaries in case you are asked to attend a panel review. Failure to do this may lead to a delay in your application for a CCT and compromise future employment.You may find this a useful link:

Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber ARCP