Training Directors

Program Director – Dr Damien Herron

Dr Damien Herron

Damien is a GP working in Urmston in Trafford. He has been a GP trainer and educator in the area for several years. The roles of the TPD are to organise the tracks and placements for GP trainees; to liaise with the GP trainers and secondary care clinical supervisors to ensure trainees can benefit from their clinical experience and to work with the educators to help look after the GP teaching programme.



Dr Simon Henshall

Simon is a GP working central Manchester. He also works as a Medical Examiner. He leads on the GPST3 teaching group. He has been a GP trainer for several years and is experienced in working with Balint groups. Simon is also a GP appraiser.


Dr Sarah Reddy

Sarah a GP working in Liverpool. She has years of experience in GP undergraduate teaching and has trained as a GP clinical supervisor. She leads on the GPST2 teaching group.


Dr Kieran Hagney

Kieran is a GP working in the Pennine area. He has experience working as a GP trainer in the Deprivation Medicine training programme. He leads on the GPST1 teaching group