Training Supervisors

Educational Supervisor (ES)

This will normally be your ST3 GP trainer who will meet you at regular intervals throughout your 3 year programme to advise and support your training. You will need a formal Educational Supervisors review (ESR) every 6 months of training where your progress towards CCT will be assessed using evidence in your e-portfolio

Following appointment to the programme all trainees are allocated to an Educational Supervisor

Clinical Supervisor (CS)

This is the GP trainer or hospital consultant who oversees a single post.  S/he is responsible for the day to day experience and your assessments (though other senior clinicians may perform individual assessments). You should have a formal meeting with your clinical supervisor at the start of your post, at the midpoint and at the end. At the final meeting the clinical supervisors report (CSR) should be completed.

Training Programme Director (TPD)

This is a GP who organises the tracks and placements and the structured teaching programme. The TPD should be your first point of contact for any queries about your overall programme.

Primary Care Medical Educator (PCME)

This is a GP who will be involved in delivering the structured teaching programme. S/he may also undertake some duties delegated by the TPD