SCA (Simulated Consultation Assessment)

What is SCA

The SCA at a glance:

An assessment of twelve simulated consultations, each lasting twelve minutes
Conducted remotely in a local GP surgery
Sat only during ST3 training year
Delivered across 9 months of the year
The first 9 diets of the SCA will take place on the following dates:

November 2023: 7 to 9 November
January 2024: 9 January
February 2024: 6 February
March 2024: 5 to 8 March
April 2024: 2 to 5 April
May 2024: 8 to 9 May
June 2024: 4 to 5 June
September 2024: 3 to 4 September
October 2024: 8 to 9 October
Full details of the application period for each diet and the results publication date will be published on 22 May 2023 by RCGP.

The SCA exam fee will be £1,180

Here is a link to a presentation explaining in details about SCA as much is known at this stage.

SCA exam for 2023.pptx