Educational Supervisor Role

Under the new style MRCGP, GP trainers now also take on the role of being the educational supervisor for GP trainees even whilst they are not in a general practice placement. The RCGP ideal was that a single individual would undertake this role for the entire 3 year duration of GP training.

As an ES you are expected to, as a minimum:

  • Meet with your GPStR as soon as possible after their start with the scheme in order to:
    • introduce yourself and start to build a relationship with them in case of any future pastoral issues
    • help them to understand how the e-portfolio works
    • help them to identify educational opportunities that they could seek out during their forthcoming placements
  • Regularly read and comment on your trainees’ e-portfolio learning log entries, including linking them to the professional competencies (linking an entry merely indicates that it demonstrates evidence of learning in that competency area, not that the GP trainee IS competent in that area) and validating their curriculum linkage
  • Prompt your GP trainees if they do not appear to be completing their e-portfolio in a timely manner, and record such interventions on the trainee’s e-portfolio via Educator’s notes
  • Liaise with the PD team about any concerns that you may have about your GP trainee, their jobs, or any mitigating circumstances that you become aware of
  • Meet with your GP trainee each six months to undertake their six month review
  • Be prepared to attend a Face to Face ARCP panel with your trainee if they are facing a possible unsatisfactory outcome

Please note that less-than full-time (LTFT) trainees still need six-monthly review meetings, even though they are only required to undertake a pro rata number of assessments.

For some guidance as to what to cover in your ES reviews try checking out:

· The Skilful art of facilitating educational supervision

· Educational reviews RCGP