Post CCT Appraisal and Revalidation

The RCGP website has information and ‘mythbuster’ advice on appraisal and revalidation for all GPs:

HEE Thames Valley website has local information about appraisal and revalidation for newly qualified GPs.

NHSE also has Medical Appraisal Guidance:

Performers list

When training is complete please ensure that your status on the performers list is changed. The Form NPL3 needs to be completed and returned to the email address on the form. Once this is done each local team is aware of the GP and they will be offered an appraisal within the first year of practice.


At end of training you should agree a PDP with your trainer at your final ESR which becomes your PDP for your first year in practice.  Appraisal is a useful opportunity to review how those plans have gone and to agree development goals for future practice. A focus in the final review of looking forward to the demands of independent practice and what learning may be needed for this will help here