Medical Performers List

It is a condition of employment in General Practice that you registered with the National Medical Performers List.

This needs to be initiated by you prior to joining the GP training programme and well in advance of starting your post (it takes at least 6 weeks). The Regulations require all specialty trainees to be on the performers list within three months of commencing their training.

If you are not on the performers list you cannot work in General Practice.

The National Performers List Application Form can be found online along with the guidance on the completion of the applications and supporting documentation requirements.

The form must be completed electronically along with an electronic signature. The form must be submitted to Primary Care Support England (PCSE) DO NOT SUBMIT ANY OTHER SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS AT THIS STAGE. The email subject box must state NPL1 Form, this will avoid any un-necessary delay in processing to the correct department.

Once the application is received by PCSE, they will alert a local manager (within relevant area), who will contact you to arrange a face to face appointment to check your identity and to check all of your supporting documents. At the face to face appointment you must provide original documentation, along with photocopies of each.

You need to click on NPL1: National Performers List Application Form

Please note – to be on the performers list you require evidence of training in child safeguarding at level 3. If you do not have this you must complete the e-learning for health modules now. The modules can be accessed on the e-learning for healthcare site.  

As part of the national performers list requirements trainees should subscribe to DBS live to ensure their DBS check is renewed regularly.