LTFTT Applications

If you are considering changing from full time to less than full time training (LTFTT) please contact the PDs to discuss your options. It would also be useful to talk with current LTFT trainees. Please bear in mind that notice has to be given to change from full time to LTFT or vice versa and this would normally be at least three months.

The Oxford Deanery aims to promote opportunities for Less-Than-Full-Time Training (LTFTT) for those that are eligible. The main eligibility criteria are the care of dependents (including children), and on grounds of personal ill health. In exceptional circumstances trainees may be able to train LTFTT if they have specific and exceptional opportunities outside medicine e.g. sporting opportunities at a national level.

All requests for flexible training will be treated positively. However, the overall training capacity of a training programme and service commitment will have to be taken into consideration. There is no guarantee that the content of the LTFT training programme (ie post) or location will be the same as the previously assigned full time placement. To avoid missing valuable educational opportunities, trainees are also encouraged to be as flexible about their working pattern as is reasonably practicable.

To apply for LTFTT trainees should initially contact the PDs to discuss their plans.

For trainees in ST3 GP practice placements the next step is to apply to the head of the GP school.

For trainees who still have ST1/2 hospital rotations to complete the next steop is to contact the Associated Dean (AD) for LTFTT Dr Anne Edwards for an application form to assess eligibility for flexible training. Once the completed form has been returned and reviewed an appointment is made with the AD to establish eligibility and to discuss training needs. If eligibility for less than full time training is confirmed to the trainee and the PDs in writing, the PDs can look at available options. Both slot shares and supernumerary LTFTT posts are subject to funding availability. A minimum notice period of three months is usually needed.

Also see our Maternity Leave page for advice and information from our current trainees about returning to LTFTT from maternity leave.

Contact Details

Associate Dean & Head of Less Than Full Time Training:

Dr Anne Edwards

See the Oxford Deanery Less Than Full Time Training page for more information.