LTFT Teaching

In ST1/2 – LTFT trainees should attend VTS teaching in proportion to their percentage working time. E.g. if you are 60% you should attend 60% of the sessions. Please discuss with your clinical supervisor which sessions would best fit your learning needs.  E-mail Sue on a monthly basis to let us know which sessions you will be attending and which will be clinical time or leave.

In ST3 – again educational time is proportional to your percentage working time. Feedback from previous trainees is that doing ST3 teaching from August to August every week works much better than starting at a different time of the year and / or doing a percentage of sessions over a longer time period. This is because it allows you to work through the teaching with one peer group and also because the teaching year is set up as a progression from a focus on exams to a focus on working as a GP / careers etc as the year goes on. Therefore wherever possible we will encourage trainees to attend Tuesday ST3 teaching every Tuesday for a year starting in August. This means you may have more educational time at one point in your training and more clinical time at another point – but overall the 70 / 30 split will be maintained.