Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) and CCT 

The ePortfolio of each trainee carries the evidence that is reviewed and considered by HEE Thames Valley ARCP panel at least once every year. Reviews are conducted more than annually if there is a need.

The panel consists of representatives of GP education including programme directors, trainers and lay members and external assessors. The ARCP panel will review your ePortfolio including your evidence, assessments, educators comments and reports and the quality of your reflective log entries. This will allow panel to assess your progress against the competencies and decide whether you have made satisfactory progress to proceed to the next training year. Should the outcome not be satisfactory, you and your trainer will be called to a meeting with panel during which panel will decide whether you can proceed or whether they will recommend an extension to your current level of training.

Trainees who pass WPBA at final review and also have a pass in the AKT and CSA will be recommended as eligible to apply for certification of completion of training (CCT), inclusion in the General Medical Council’s GP Register and membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners. The GMC will only allow you to go onto their GP register when you have your CCT and inclusion on this register is essential for working as a GP.

RCGP guidance for ARCPs

ARCP Forms

The HEE TV GP ARCP panel have generated forms to be used by trainees prior to their annual and gateway ARCPs, these are available via the Reading GP training website. The forms have been generated to try and prevent trainees receiving an outcome 5 (insufficient evidence). The forms are a summary of the mandatory evidence required set out as a table that can be completed and uploaded to the ePortfolio. This is just the minimum mandatory evidence however and not all that is required or considered at panel, as it does not look at the quality of the log, the curriculum or competency coverage or the ESs review. It is merely a summary/checklist of the minimum evidence needed pre panel to avoid an outcome 5.

Also available are forms to summarise your evidence from assessments. In order to reduce duplication of work we would like to encourage trainees to complete these and upload them to the portfolio in a log entry titled ARCP/ESR Review preparation.

Further useful information can be found on the Reading and Newbury website