Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA) is a set of tools that evaluate a trainee’s progress over time. It captures your performance at various points in time in a structured and formative way on the ePortfolio.

Together with the help of your supervisor you will be able to identify further learning needs through WPBA.

Further information can be found on the RCGP site


To access your ePortfolio you are required to register with the RCGP http://www.rcgp.org.uk/about-us/membership/become-a-member/ait-trainee-gps.aspx Most trainees select the AiT Package to gain the benefits of being an Associate in Training (AiT). It’s vital that you sign up for the ePortfolio straight away at the start of your training programme – if you haven’t done it yet do it now!

The portfolio can seem quite daunting to start with. We will provide regular sessions to support you in getting the most from it. If you have concerns about how to use your portfolio please ask.

Timely completion of log entries and regular updating of the ePortfolio is YOUR responsibility. This is your proof to show that you are gaining and developing further the skills you will need as a qualified GP. Failure to do this will result in unsatisfactory progress and referral to the Deanery which can lead to the need for extension of your training or ultimately removal from the programme.


WPBA tests trainees capability in 13 key areas derived from the core RCGP curriculum statement ‘Being a GP’.

  • Communication and consultation skills
  • Practising holistically
  • Data gathering and interpretation
  • Making a diagnosis/decisions
  • Clinical management
  • Managing medical complexity and promoting health
  • Organisation, management and leadership
  • Working with colleagues and in teams
  • Community orientation
  • Maintaining performance, learning and teaching
  • Maintaining an ethical approach
  • Fitness to practise
  • Clinical examination and procedural skills

For more information on these capability areas please visit the RCGP site