An intro to Work-Place Based Assessment (WPBA)

Workplace based assessment (WPBA) is defined as the evaluation of a doctor’s progress over time in their performance in those areas of professional practice best tested in the workplace. It is a process through which evidence of competence in independent practice is gathered in a structured and systematic framework. Evidence is collected over all three years of training. The evidence is recorded in a web-based portfolio (the ePortfolio – also known as 14Fish) and used to inform six monthly reviews and, at the end of training, to make a holistic, qualitative judgement about the readiness of the GPStR for independent practice.

The ePortfolio (14Fish) is designed to be a developmental as well as an assesment tool – the process of submitting entries and reading your trainer’s comments on them will encourage you to reflect on your practice and your future learning needs and help you to develop as a GP.

WPBA Assessments