Liverpool & Birkenhead

Liverpool and Birkenhead are two great locations at the heart of the North West of England separated by the River Mersey: Birkenhead being situated on the Wirral peninsula, easily accessible to Liverpool either just a short ferry ride away or by the road tunnel.

Strategically located, the Liverpool area has outstanding road and rail connections, as well as operating a busy sea terminal from the city centre waterfront and the John Lennon International Airport which is around 10 miles from the city centre. The motorway links in and out of Liverpool and Birkenhead also serve as the perfect launch pad for excursions into nearby North Wales and the stunning Lake District. London is little more than two hours away by train.


Currently, GP training comprises of 18 months in primary care and 18 months in hospital posts.

Where possible we like you to experience a 6 month GP post early in your training. This is to help you focus on what you would wish to get out of your hospital attachments.

When you have been successful in your application to come to the Liverpool & Birkenhead Scheme you will be contacted by Dr Tobias Keyser, the Training Programme Director for that area. He will ask you to name your ideal 4 hospital posts to enhance your GP training. You may consider your previous experience when describing this – more weight would be attached to post-foundation experience.

Dr Keyser will then try as much as possible, with the hospital posts available to him, to match your request. If there are not enough posts available in a particular speciality then priority will be given to the person with the higher recruitment score. We do our best when matching preferences.

You may be eligible for accreditation of transferable competencies. To qualify, you must be transferring into general practice from one of the RCGP Approved Speciality Training Programmes

If you intend to apply for less than full time training, you would need to apply formally using the HENW website.

Innovative Training Posts (ITPs) are an option offering exposure to and experience in other environments whilst continuing to work in General Practice. Fifty percent of the working week is in General Practice and the rest in the ITP. Out of hours (OOH) and formal assessments will continue during these posts. In Liverpool and Birkenhead we have the following ITP Posts available: Palliative Care, Community Paediatrics & Community Diabetics

Royal Liverpool University Hospital

0151 706 2000

The Trust is one of the largest and busiest in the North of England with an annual budget of over £400 million, with 5,600 directly contracted staff and over 650 staff in the hosted services or contracted services, such as catering.  They provide general hospital services and emergency care to the local community, including a full range of medical, surgical, diagnostic, rehabilitation and therapy services. These include several nationally and internationally recognised services such as ophthalmology, hepatobiliary, surgery, gastroenterology and pathology. 

The Royal Liverpool Hospital is a major teaching and research hospital, working alongside the University of Liverpool, John Moores University and Liverpool School of Tropical medicine for allied health professionals, dentists, nurses and doctors. There are three hospitals in total for the Royal Liverpool, based on two different sites:

– The Royal Liverpool University Hospital (over 710 beds)

– Broadgreen Hospital (around 70 beds)

– Liverpool University Dental Hospital (shares a site with RLUH, planned emergency dental care)

Aintree Hospital

0151 525 5980Aintree is a teaching hospital of the University of Liverpool and a tertiary centre providing specialist services to around 1.5m residents in Merseyside, Cheshire, South Lancashire, North Wales and the Isle of Man. Tertiary services include Respiratory Medicine, Rheumatology, Maxillofacial and Liver Surgery, all of which have world-class reputations.

In October 2015, the Trust Board agreed to a merger between the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust. This hospital is the headquarters of UNISON Sefton Health Branch. In 2012, the trust established an Electronic Health record system which enabled it to dispense with paper records which had previously occupied 10 miles of shelving!

In December 2013 the trust was named by Dr Foster Intelligence as having higher than expected mortality indicator scores for the period April 2012 to March 2013 in their hospital guide 2013. The Report also indicated that the hospital HSMR mortality indicator was better than expected.

Also, in the 2013 National Apprenticeship Awards, the hospital was named “Large Employer of the Year” out of a list of 100 nominations.

Liverpool Women’s Hospital

0151 708 9988Liverpool Women’s Hospital maternity team cares for women and their babies from conception to birth, supported by a neonatal team who provide round-the-clock care for premature and new born babies needing specialist care. The hospital’s renowned fertility team helps families to improve their chances of conceiving babies and in gynaecology takes care of women with the many varied conditions associated with the female reproductive system. The hospital is also a highly regarded centre for gynaecology oncology and the genetics team supports families both with the diagnosis and counselling of genetic conditions.

In 1995, The Percy Thomas Partnership designed a new build for the hospital, merging the Liverpool Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit and the Liverpool Women’s Hospital into their current premises in Crown Street.

In 2014, it was announced that the Liverpool Women’s Hospital would start doing private work, including breast augmentation, chemical peels, tummy tucks, liposuction, Botox and nose reshaping.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

0151 228 4811Alder Hey is a national children’s hospital and one of the largest of its kind in the UK and Europe. Founded during the First World War in 1914, Alder Hey became an NHS hospital trust in 1991 and currently employs about 2,400 staff, whilst treating over 270,000 children from across the UK each year. Between 2010 and 2014, the number of doctors rose from 269 to 344, whilst the number of managers increased from 70 to 86 during the same period.

The hospital is known as a Centre of Excellence for Oncology and Muscular Dystrophy as well as spinal, heart and brain conditions.

Walton Centre

0151 525 3611This hospital was formerly known as the Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery. Walton is the only specialist neurosciences NHS trust within the country, being fully dedicated to providing comprehensive neurological, neurosurgical and pain management services. The hospital does not have an accident and emergency department but it acts as a designated major trauma centre, due to the fact that it still receives emergency transfers for those within the region who have sustained neurological trauma.

The Walton Centre was originally based at the Rice Lane site but, due to popular demand, they expanded to Fazakerley, two miles further north. The Centre finally achieved NHS Trust status in 2009. Their services continue to increase.

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

0151 600 1616Sometimes referred to as Broadgreen due to its location, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital serves a catchment area of 2.8 million people, spanning Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and the Isle of Man, but increasingly receives referrals from outside these areas for highly specialised services, such as aortics. It performs up to 12,000 procedures a year.

As part of the hospital’s long term plan, the aim is to form strong clinical and organisational relationships wherever possible. There is clear evidence that partnerships improve patient care and enhance quality and the objective is to collaborate with a range of other providers and professionals with a view to extending access and to improve quality.

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital became the first specialist hospital within the UK to be awarded an ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission. In addition, it was also named by the Health Service Journal as one of the top hundred NHS trusts to work for in 2015. This was in recognition of the fact that at the time the hospital had 135 full-time staff and a sickness absence rate of just 4.13%. Furthermore, 92% of its staff also recommended it as a place for treatment, whilst 62% of its staff recommended it as a good place to work.

Isle of Man

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Albion Surgery

Address: Albion Surgery, 45 Everton Road, Everton, L6 2EH
Telephone: 0151 300 8300
GP Trainers: Dr Tobias Keyser

Abercromby Family Practice

Address: Abercromby Family Practice, Grove Street, Edge Hill, L7 7HG
Telephone: 0151 295 3888
GP Trainers: Kishor Vithlani, Jorge Laya-Gomez

Aintree Park Group Practice

Address: Aintree Park Group Practice, 46 Moss Lane, Orrell Park, L9 8AL
Telephone: 0151 295 8350
GP Trainers: Anil Bose

Anfield Group Practice

Address: Anfield Group Practice Townsend, Lane House Centre , 98 Townsend Lane, Liverpool L6 0BB
Telephone: 0151 295 9520
GP Trainers: Nida Abdi, Rosie Kaur

Brownlow Group Practice

Address: Brownlow Group Practice, 70 Pembroke Place, Liverpool, L69 3GF
Telephone: 0151 794 8088
GP Trainers: Debbie Noland, Ed Gaynor, Paula Halliday, Debbie Faint

Dovecot Health Centre

Address: Dovecot Health Centre, Longreach Road, Liverpool, L14 0LN
Telephone: 0151 295 9440
GP Trainers: Joerg Beyer, Mohammad Alam

West Derby Medical Centre

Address: West Derby Medical Centre, 3 Winterburn Crescent, Liverpool, L12 8TQ
Telephone: 0151 228 3768
GP Trainers: Colin Welsh, Margaret Edwards, Alan Dodderidge

Edge Hill Centre

Address: Edge Hill Centre, 157 Edge Lane, Liverpool, L7 2AB
Telephone: 0151 295 3600
GP Trainers: Nadim Fazlani, Meena Cooper

Fulwood Green Medical Centre

Address: Fulwood Green Medical Centre, 2A Jericho Lane, Liverpool, L17 5AR
Telephone: 0151 727 2440
GP Trainers: Jamie Hampson, Annie Farrell

Great Homer Street Medical Centre

Address: Great Homer Street Medical Centre, Liverpool, L5 0QW
Telephone: 0151 295 9393
GP Trainers: Simon Abrams

Green Lane Medical Centre

Address: Green Lane Medical Centre, 15 Green Lane Stoneycroft, Tuebrook , L13 7DY
Telephone: 0151 228 9101
GP Trainers: James Graham, John Howard Davies

Greenbank Drive Surgery

Address: Greenbank Drive Surgery, 8 Greenbank Drive, Sefton Park, Aigburth, Liverpool, L17 1AW
Telephone: 0151 735 5703
GP Trainers: Jennifer Topping

Hunts Cross Health Centre

Address: Hunts Cross Health Centre, 70 Hillfoot Road, Liverpool, L20 0ND
Telephone: 0151 486 1428
GP Trainers: Bashar Baghdadi, Deepak Gupta

Lance Lane Medical Centre

Address: Lance Lane Medical Centre, 19 Lance Lane, Wavertree, Liverpool, L15 6TS
Telephone: 0151 737 2882
Website: N/A
GP Trainers: Alastair Fiske, Trisha Jain

Long Lane Medical Centre

Address: Long Lane Medical Centre, Long Lane, Walton, Liverpool, L9 6DQ
Telephone: 0151 530 1009
GP Trainers: John Bentley, Judith Callaghan

Mather Avenue Surgery

Address: Mather Avenue Surgery, 584 Mather Avenue, Liverpool, L19 4UG
Telephone: 0151 427 6239
GP Trainers: Frank Hargreaves

Everton Road Health Centre

Address: Everton Road Health Centre, 45 Everton Road , L6 2EH
Telephone: 0151 300 8232
Website: NA
GP Trainers: Olukayode Adeeko

Oak Vale Medical Centre

Address: Oak Vale Medical Centre , 158-160 Edge Lane Drive , Liverpool, L13 4AQ
Telephone: 0151 259 1551
GP Trainers: Mike Cranney, Louise Parker, Monica Khuraijam, Alan Brennan

Old Swan Health Centre

Address: Old Swan Health Centre, Crystal Close Old Swan ,Liverpool, L13 2GA
Telephone: 0151 285 3737
GP Trainers: Ambrose Okoli, Rajan Karthikeyan

Smithdown Place Surgery

Address: Smithdown Place Surgery, 7 Smithdown Place , Liverpool L15 9EH
Telephone: 0151 733 2800
GP Trainers: Lynn Hamlett

Dingle Park Practice

Address: Dingle Park Practice, Park Street, Liverpool, L8 6QP
Telephone: 0151 295 9227
GP Trainers: Mike Green, Victoria Lamb

Rock Court Surgery

Address: Rock Court Surgery, 4 Crystal Close, Old Swan, Liverpool, L13 2GA
Telephone: 0151 228 0672
GP Trainers: Paul Sherwood

Rutherford Medical Centre

Address: Rutherford Medical Centre, 1 Rutherford Road, Liverpool, L18 0HJ
Telephone: 0151 722 1803
GP Trainers: James Cuthbert

Sandringham Medical Centre

Address: Sandringham Medical Centre, 1A Aigburth Road, Liverpool, L17 4JP
Telephone: 0151 727 1382
GP Trainers: Rajesh Varma, Farah Burki, Owain Roberts

The Elms Medical Centre

Address: The Elms Medical Centre 3 The Elms Liverpool L8 3SS
Telephone: 0151 727 5555
GP Trainers: Denis O’Brien, Chris Peterson

Gateacre Brow Surgery

Address: Gateacre Brow Surgery, 1 Gateacre Brow, Liverpool, L25 3PA
Telephone: 0151 295 9595
GP Trainers: Craig Mason

Margaret Thompson Medical Centre

Address: Margaret Thompson Medical Centre, 105 East Millwood Road, Liverpool, L24 6TH
Telephone: 0151 425 2889
GP Trainers: Victor Ebenuwa

Valley Medical Centre

Address: Valley Medical Centre, 75 Hartsbourne avenue, Childwall, Liverpool, L25 1RY
Telephone: 0151 722 2744
GP Trainers: Aimee Wallace, Ayokunle Adebanjo

Vauxhall House Centre

Address: Vauxhall House Centre, 111 – 117 limekiln lane, Liverpool, L5 8XR
Telephone: 0151 295 3737
GP Trainers: Helen McKendrick, David Lewis, Kit-Oi Chunbrg

Westminister Medical Centre

Address: Westminister Medical Centre, Aldams grove, Liverpool, L4 3TT
Telephone: 0151 922 3510
GP Trainers: Shelley Aggarwal, A Kalyan

Woolton House Medical Centre

Address: Woolton house Medical Centre, 4 Woolton street, Woolton, Liverpool, L25 5JA
Telephone: 0151 922 3510
GP Trainers: George Kuruvilla, David Webster, Sarah Morton

Orrell Park Medical Centre

Address: Orrell Park Medical Centre, 109 Orrell park, Bootle, L9 8BU
Telephone: 0151 525 3051
Website: NA
GP Trainers: Ramon Ogunlana

Jubilee Medical Centre

Address: Jubilee Medical Centre, 52 Croxteth Hall Lane, Liverpool, L11 4UG
Telephone: 0151 546 3956
GP Trainers: Daniel Morris

Cavendish Medical Centre

Address: Cavendish Medical Centre 31 Laird St Birkenhead CH418DB
Telephone: 0151 652 1955
GP Trainers: Catherine Cheetham

St Catherines Surgery

Address: St Catherines Surgery Derby Rd Birkenhead CH420LQ
Telephone: 0151 643 6700
GP Trainers: Sally Dow, Jody Brown

Claughton Medical Centre

Address: Claughton Medical Centre 161 Park Rd North Birkenhead
Telephone: 0151 652 1688
GP Trainers: Hannah Williams, Lax Ariaraj

Sunlight Medical Centre

Address: Sunlight Medical Centre Sefton Rd New Ferry Wirral CH62 5HS
Telephone: 0151 644 0055
GP Trainers: Simon Delaney, Jane Booth, Siobhan Harty

Isle of Man Training Practices

Awaiting Accurate Information

Regarded as one of the world’s top destination cities, Liverpool was designated European Capital of Culture 2008 and hasn’t looked back since.

If you enjoy city living, then Liverpool truly is a great place to be based. As a vibrant centre of music, arts, culture, entertainment, shopping, nightlife and top class sport, there are few places in Britain that can compete.

Birthplace of the Beatles, the city has its own UNESCO world heritage site at Albert Dock on the iconic waterfront overlooking the Mersey, which is now the single most visited tourist attraction anywhere in the UK, outside of London.

Liverpool is also officially the World Capital of Pop and music features everywhere you go – from top arenas to more intimate bar-room venues. The city also has its fair share of fabulous theatres and comedy clubs, providing a broad mixture of entertainment.

High quality museums, libraries and galleries abound and Liverpool actually has the largest collection of Grade II listed buildings outside London – 2500 of them. As examples, the Walker Art Gallery is the national art gallery of the North and the Anglican cathedral is the largest in Britain.

There are more parks and open space than even in Paris and amongst a vast choice of shopping, Liverpool One at the heart of the city centre, is one of the country’s major retail centres, featuring all the major outlets and brand names.

If top class sport is to your liking, the region’s sporting heritage is unrivalled. The city is home to two of the biggest names in football, Liverpool and Everton. Aintree stages the world’s most famous steeplechase, the Grand National every spring and the area boasts some of the finest Open championship golf courses in the UK. The most successful Rugby League clubs in the modern era are also close by.

As a place to live and work, Liverpool offers up a range of possibilities. Housing options are plentiful – from a great choice of city centre apartments to a broad range of affordable property throughout the city’s numerous residential suburbs.

Birkenhead is situated directly across the River Mersey from Liverpool on the north eastern coast of the Wirral.

Whilst it may not be as famous as its near neighbour across the water, don’t think for one minute that the Birkenhead should take second billing – it’s a viable location in its own right for both work and as a place to live.

Indeed, the town is an attractive and less expensive alternative to Liverpool – and now could be just the time to consider relocating.

Apart from the fact that the Wirral Peninsula is one of the most scenic places to live in the entire region, offering a great quality of life, the hinterland of Birkenhead is now undergoing the largest and most visionary regeneration scheme in the UK – Wirral Waters.

The project is set to transform more than 500 acres around the docks in Birkenhead into a world class waterfront. Privately funded, it is costing around £4.5bn and will eventually create an estimated 27,000 jobs over the next 30 years.

It’s being turned into a place where wide open spaces will meet world-class culture, where global companies will trade alongside new waterfront housing. Birkenhead is truly up and coming!

In days gone by, however, Birkenhead’s claim to fame was as the “engine room” which built the ships that sailed from Liverpool, and also as the location for Birkenhead Park, the world’s first public park, which includes two lakes and a number of listed buildings.

In recent times, Birkenhead has experienced economic challenges, resulting from its reliance on heavy industry but today the town’s future looks bright. There are new shops and stores, with cinemas and ample leisure facilities all available on the doorstep.

And being in Birkenhead, you have immediate access to the charms of the entire Wirral peninsula, a region of outstanding natural features and its own rich heritage.

From refined golf courses to a wild and unspoilt 25 mile coastline, the Wirral is a great place for outdoor pursuits such as walking, sailing and sampling traditional English pubs. It’s interspersed with charming coastal towns.

Also close to Birkenhead is Port Sunlight, a truly delightful village with very distinctive architecture built by Lord Lever for his factory workers at the end of the 19th Century. Here you’ll find the Lady Lever Art Gallery, opened in 1922 which contains a highly personal collection of fine and decorative arts.