Halton & Warrington

Warrington and Halton are two vibrant areas of the north-west of England and both make perfect places to live and work. Conveniently located between Liverpool and Manchester – and close to the beautiful Cheshire countryside and historic Chester – they are at the epicentre of all that’s good about the region.

Transport links to and from the area are some of the best in Britain – by road, rail, or air. Warrington and Halton are situated adjacent to three major motorways, namely the M6, M62 and M56. Public transport by rail or bus is easy and frequent, whilst Liverpool and Manchester are both served by international airports and only 30 minutes away, thus making everywhere readily accessible. The 207-mile long Trans-Pennine trail even passes through the borough.

Housing and Schools

Whether you are choosing to rent or buy property, Warrington, Halton and the surrounding areas offer a very diverse choice to suit all budgets. Rental prices vary considerably, but there is always an abundance of places available.

For anyone raising a young family, the education system in the Warrington and Halton catchment comes with an excellent reputation. The area boasts some of the most outstanding single-sex, mixed and faith schools in the country.


Currently, GP training comprises of 18 months in primary care and 18 months in hospital posts.

Where possible we like you to experience a 6 month GP post early in your training. This is to help you focus on what you would wish to get out of your hospital attachments.

When you have been successful in your application to come to the Warrinton and Halton you will be contacted by Dr Anthony Clark, the Training Programme Director for that area. He will ask you to name your ideal 4 hospital posts to enhance your GP training. You may consider your previous experience when describing this – more weight would be attached to post-foundation experience.

Dr Anthony Clark will then try as much as possible, with the hospital posts available to him, to match your request. If there are not enough posts available in a particular speciality then priority will be given to the person with the higher recruitment score. We do our best when matching preferences.

You may be eligible for accreditation of transferable competencies. To qualify, you must be transferring into general practice from one of the RCGP Approved Speciality Training Programmes

If you intend to apply for less than full time training, you would need to apply formally using the HENW website.

Innovative Training Posts (ITPs) are an option offering exposure to and experience in other environments whilst continuing to work in General Practice. Fifty percent of the working week is in General Practice and the rest in the ITP. Out of hours (OOH) and formal assessments will continue during these posts. In Warrington and Halton we have the following ITP Posts available: Palliative Care – Based at Halton Haven Hospice

Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


The Trust manages two major hospital sites – Warrington Hospital and Halton General Hospital and also provides services at the Cheshire and Merseyside Treatment Centre on the Halton site.

Serving a local population of 313,463 people (194,711 in Warrington and 118,752 in Halton), there are around 600 beds across all the hospitals, employing around 4100 staff. The Trust has an annual turnover in excess of £210 million. The hospital sites are around 10 miles apart and are easily accessible via the North West motorway network.

Warrington Hospital

01925 635911

Warrington Hospital focuses on emergency and specialist care and has all the back-up services required to treat patients with a range of complex medical and surgical conditions. Many new departments and facilities have opened at the hospital over the last few years and it provides a full range of expert inpatient and outpatient services.

Warrington Hospital is home to the Trust’s accident and emergency department and maternity services. If surgery or care might require extra support or a high level of specialist care it is likely that it will be carried out at Warrington. The hospital is also home to specialist critical care, stroke, cardiac and surgical units.

Halton General Hospital

01928 714567

Housing a mix of inpatient and outpatient services, a range of care for medical and surgical conditions is provided at Halton General Hospital in Runcorn.

For non-complex surgery is non-complex which does not require a long hospital stay, it is likely to be carried out at Halton General. There are low operation cancellation rates at the hospital as routine surgery is not as threatened by emergency work – which can take priority in larger hospitals. The hospital is home to a minor injuries unit (open 9am to 10pm every day) which provides a range of minor emergency care services for local people and the hospital provides x-ray facilities until 8pm. A step-down ward at the hospital is designed for patients who have had surgery or emergency medical care, but who require some further support before going home. Halton also provides chemotherapy services on site and the hospital is home to the Delamere Macmillan Unit which provides cancer support and advice.

Cheshire and Merseyside Treatment Centre

01928 701777

The Cheshire and Merseyside Treatment Centre – also known as the CMTC – is where orthopaedic surgery and treatment services take place on the Halton General Hospital campus.

CMTC provides surgery ranging from hand and foot operations, through to spinal back surgery and hip replacement operations at the centre – as well as sports injuries (sports medicine) and other bone and joint care. The centre is located just across from the main Halton General building.

The centre was purpose built for orthopaedic surgery and was originally opened in 2006 as a home for a private health provider who was contracted to the NHS until 2011. The site was re-opened for local orthopaedic services in 2013 and today is a popular choice for surgery.

Current Available Posts 

Psychiatry – 2 at Hollins Park, 1 at Halton Borough.

Accident and Emergency



Obstetrics and gynaecology

Palliative care (ITP post)

Feedback from trainees

Quote / Testimonial:

“Cannot think of anything to change. The sessions have been excellent and I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge from these sessions…thank you!”

Quote / Testimonial:

“Initially, when I started my training I didn’t have experience working in primary care. Attending HDR helped me to improve my knowledge & made me more confident about my career as a GP. I felt very supported in the HDR team & everyone was very friendly. So it was easier for me to ask questions, sharing the area of difficulties & learning new things.”

Quote / Testimonial:

“The extra sessions such as yoga I found of great benefit. It’s useful to learn ways to look after your health when working. I feel this is an appropriate use of a session seeing the recent GMC survey found 1/3 of junior doctors to be “burnt out”.

Quote / Testimonial:

“100% trainees said the half day release teaching made them feel more positive about their career in General Practice.”

Quote / Testimonial:

“The sessions were very well organised and the Tutors were very supportive and helpful.”

Appleton Village Surgery

Address: Appleton Village Surgery, 2-6 Appleton Village, Widnes. WA8 6DZ.
Telephone: 0151 423 2390
Website: appletonvillagesurgery.co.uk
GP Trainers: Dr Ian Schofield

Bevan Group Practice

Address: Bevan Group Practice, Bevan Way, Widnes. WA8 6TR.
Telephone: 0151 424 3986
Website: beaconsfield-surgery.co.uk
GP Trainers: Dr Farah Kassim, Dr Salil Veedu, Dr Hong Tseung

The Beeches Medical Centre

Address: The Beeches Medical Centre, 20 Ditchfield Road, Widnes. WA8 8QS.
Telephone: 0151 424 3101
Website: beechesmedicalcentrewidnes.nhs.uk
GP Trainers: Dr Malanie Forrest

Brookvale Practice

Address: Brookvale Practice, Hallwood Health Centre, Hospital Way, Runcorn. WA7 2UT.
Telephone: 01928 718182
Website: brookvalepractice.nhs.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Patricia Abbott

Castlefields Health Centre

Address: Castlefields Health Centre, The Village Square, Castlefields, Runcorn. WA7 2ST.
Telephone: 01928 566671
Website: castlefieldshealthcentre.co.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Rachel Arnold, Dr Zoe Rog, Dr Andrew Felton

Grove House Practice

Address: Grove House Practice, St Paul’s Health Centre, High Street, Runcorn. WA7 1AB.
Telephone: 01928 566671
Website: grovehouse.co.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Christine Allen, Dr Lulu Brown

Tower House Practice

Address: Tower House Practice, St Paul’s Health Centre, High Street, Runcorn. WA7 1AB.
Telephone: 01928 567404
Website: towerhousepractice.co.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Ellie Gittins, Dr Smitha Joseph, Dr Harjinder Sandhu

Weaver Vale Practice

Address: Weaver Vale Practice, Hallwood Health Centre, Hospital Way, Runcorn. WA7 2UT.
Telephone: 01928 711911
Website: weavervalepractice.nhs.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Jonathan Beynon, Dr Fenella Cottier, Dr Peter Johnson

Weaver Vale Practice

Address: Weaver Vale Practice, Hallwood Health Centre, Hospital Way, Runcorn. WA7 2UT.
Telephone: 01928 711911
Website: weavervalepractice.nhs.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Jonathan Beynon, Dr Fenella Cottier, Dr Peter Johnson
Warrington Training Practices

Birchwood Medical Centre

Address: Birchwood Medical Centre, 15 Benson Road, Birchwood, Warrington. WA3 7PJ.
Telephone: 01925 823502
Website: appletonvillagesurgery.co.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Abraham Joseph

Brookfield Surgery

Address: Brookfield Surgery, Whitbarrow Road, Lymm. WA13 9AD.
Telephone: 01925 756969
Website: brookfieldsurgery.co.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Peter Finigan, Dr Apama Rao

Causeway Medical Centre

Address: Causeway Medical Centre, 16-170 Wilderspool Causeway, Warrington. WA4 6QA
Telephone: 01925 630282
Website: causewaymedicalcentre.co.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Ravi Elaprolu

Folly Lane Medical Centre

Address: Folly Lane Medical Centre, Bewsey, Warrington. WA5 0LU.
Telephone: 01925 417247
Website: follylane.gpsurgery.net
GP Trainers:Dr Ipsita Chattopadhayay(Chatterjee), Dr Elizabeth Plumb, Dr Malcolm Tyrer

Greenbank Surgery

Address: Greenbank Surgery, 274 Manchester Road, Warrington. WA1 3RB
Telephone: 01925 631132
Website: greenbanksurgery.com
GP Trainers:Dr Robert Owens

Guardian Medical Centre

Address: Guardian Medical Centre, Guardian Street, Warrington. WA5 1UD.
Telephone: 01925 650226
Website: guardianmedicalcentre.co.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Andrew Dickinson, Dr Joanna Nash

The Surgery

Address: The Surgery, 2 Helsby Street, Warrington. WA1 3AW.
Telephone: 01925 637304
Website: helsbystreetmc.nhs.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Mathew Petch, Dr Sangeetha Steevart

Padgate Medical Centre

Address: Padgate Medical Centre, Station Road South, Padgate, Warrington. WA2 0RX.
Telephone: 01925 815333
Website: padgatemedicalcentre.co.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Jayapriya Tirunavkarasu, Dr Raakhi Raj

Penketh Health Centre

Address: Penketh Health Centre, Honiton Way, Penketh, Warrington. WA5 2EY.
Telephone: 01925 725644
Website: penkethhealthcentre.co.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Wendy Lake, Dr Samir Shah, Dr Neelima Sharma

The Forge Medical Centre

Address: The Forge Medical Centre, Stockton Heath, Warrington. WA4 6HY.
Telephone: 01925 604084
Website: stocktonheathmedicalcentre.co.uk
GP Trainers:Dr Richard Brooks, Dr Justin McCarthy

Latchford Medical Centre

Address: Latchford Medical Centre, 5 Thelwall Lane, Latchford, Warrington, WA4 1LJ
Telephone: 01925 637508
Website: http://www.latchfordmedicalcentre.co.uk/
GP Trainers:Dr Richard Wong


Warrington itself is steeped in history. Originally developed by the Romans as a market town, Oliver Cromwell was a resident in the Middle Ages. Later it played a key role in the industrial revolution and the Second World War.

Today, Warrington has a population of around 80,000 with a well-established town centre (including some impressive Golden Gates on the Town Hall) and a great selection of shopping, including Golden Square, home to all the major brands. Out of town retail parks abound with mega-stores, including Britain’s first IKEA.

If independent outlets are more to your taste, then Stockton Heath is the place for flourishing boutiques and a superb choice of restaurants. 

Warrington has plenty in the way of entertainment. The Museum and Art Gallery charts the town’s history and showcases contemporary and specialist street art exhibitions. Nearby, Pyramid and Parr Hall host all year round music concerts and family-friendly shows. 

Events, fetes and festivals take place across the area throughout the year, including Warrington Walking Day, classic car shows, the annual contemporary arts festival, as well as farmers’ and themed markets. There’s even a welly-wanging competition! 

You can explore Warrington’s fabulous parks, glorious canals and wonderful countryside, including Rixton Claypits, Lymm Dam, Risley Moss, Woolston Eyes and Appleton Dingle.

Walton Hall and Gardens (home to a delightful children’s zoo) and Gulliver’s World are also popular attractions. 

There’s also plenty of sport on offer to both spectate and participate in, but Warrington is renowned for being home to the famous Warrington Wolves Rugby League team.


Although smaller than Warrington, Halton has plenty to offer, providing an agreeable work-life balance. Sitting astride the River Mersey to the east of Liverpool and south of Manchester, the two major towns that makeup Halton Borough are Runcorn and Widnes. The area is also surrounded by a number of picturesque parishes and villages, such as Hale, Moore, Preston Brook and Daresbury – the birthplace of the children’s author Lewis Carroll.

Halton’s ‘landmark’ is the Grade II listed Silver Jubilee Bridge, one of the largest of its kind worldwide, spanning 1082 feet.

There are activities close at hand to suit all tastes. Whether it’s strolling along the Trans Pennine Trail, or along the canal, making the most of the local parks or nature reserves, attending Creamfields, one of the UK’s biggest dance music festivals, being entertained at the award-winning theatre, the Brindley Arts Centre, or enjoying watching the Widnes Viking rugby league team – Halton has a lifestyle to suit everyone.

The Norton Priory Museum and Gardens are a delight and the Catalyst Science and Discovery Centre is a must for science fans. Halton even has its own miniature railway and Halton Castle is one of only two surviving Norman castles in Cheshire.

Both Runcorn and Widnes have a great selection of shops featuring all the top brand names, but if you want to spread your wings then the expansive Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet is a short distance away.