Central Manchester ST1&2s

The half day release course takes place on Wednesday afternoons from 2.00 – 5.00 pm normally in the Postgraduate Centre of the Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI).  The sessions are focused to General Practice and cover a wide variety of topics in line with the GP Curriculum.  Dr Julian Tomkinson organises the programme and leads most of the sessions.  Guest speakers are invited to present specialist topics with care taken to ensure relevance to General Practice.  The aim is to provide a link with General Practice during your hospital posts and to support your preparation for the AKT examination.

We also hope to provide a similar platform of experience to the trainees at University Hospital of South Manchester (UHSM) who you will join in the ST3 study release day.   Some sessions are held alongside South Manchester trainees at UHSM or MRI. 

Attendance is required and a register is taken at every session.   If you are unable to attend due to annual leave, nights, on call etc.  please email Dr Julian Tomkinson

The programme and presentation documents can be found in the column to the right.

Job Descriptions

It is very important to remember you are training to become a General Practitioner.  The posts provide superb experience in that particular specialty but to increase your experience we would encourage you to think how the post can serve you best in your vocation.

Before and during each post think:

  • What can I gain from this experience?
  • What learning needs do I have?
  • How does General Practice interact with this service?
  • Are there any other opportunities this post may provide?

Here is a link to The Condensed Curriculum Guide Self-Assessment tool

This spreadsheet allows you to look at a specific curriculum area and rate yourself against the different areas.  For instance you may wish to self-assess yourself in ‘Women’s Health’ prior to commencing a post in Obs & Gynae.   Self-evaluation can be a very useful exercise before you begin a new post to identify areas you may wish to address which could then become a part of your PDP.

Job descriptions for the ST1/2 posts can be found on this link: Job descriptions documents