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The GP training programme runs a half day release course that is aimed to supplement and inform in practice and on the job training.  the aim is to prepare you for the AKT and ensure an excellent primary health care team of the future.  Learning with your peers, team working and leadership are core themes throughout.  Your trainers and local expert resources may be used from time to time to ensure that the course has a broad content to meet your needs.

The course will mainly be small group learning.  the groups ensure that every one can participate and acts as resources for each other.  Learning with your colleagues is a much more interesting and stimulating experience.

Getting to the teaching can be problematic.  As a GP Specialist Trainee, the GP teaching should take priority over the other departmental training.  There must be flexibility here for mandatory and essential training for each specialty.  This might include Paediatric Life Support training and CTG training in Obs & Gynae.  As such, non-attendance, no-participation and failure to prepare will disrupt the group function and effectiveness and therefore reduced the educational experience.   A genuine commitment from each and every one involved will ensure its success. 

Please email Joesphine Galligan if you know you cannot attend.

What’s it like in different specialties?

Click here (File not found) to read current trainees views and experiences whilst on placement in different specialties at UHSM.

Educational Job Descriptions – getting the most out of your secondary care placements for GP

These are a useful resource for thinking about your PDPs.   Some questions you might like to think about are:  

  • What do you want to get out of the placement? 
  • What is most useful for my future career as a GP? 
  • Do I have any knowledge gaps? 
  • What community clinics do they provide? 
  • Are there any specialist services to get to know about? 
  • How do I make a referral to this specialty?  
  • What is an appropriate referral?

Once you are a GP, knowing who you are talking to at the end of the telephone helps enormously and will aid you with managing cases in primary care without the need for a formal referral.

Link to Job Description documents

Information re UHSM

Parking – Whilst on placement at UHSM your ID badge also allows access to the staff car parking area (known as Jurassic).   Trainees not at UHSM will be given a windscreen notice which allows all day parking in visitor car parking areas at the minimum charge rate (