GP Training Practices

There are currently 16 training practices with a varying number of trainers per practice. Each trainee starting within the Epsom Training programme is assigned an educational supervisor. The majority of our practices are town-based however some are semi-rural.

Many practices are purpose built health centres, but a few old converted buildings remain. The culture and philosophy of each practice will be fundamentally different. Practices will have patient participation groups which range from highly active and involved teams to virtual groups.

Please see below a list of trainers and training practices:

Dr Alison Anderson
Dr Alex Watson
Dr Dalia Yacob
Ashlea Medical Practice – Gilbert House
Dr James Steinhardt
Dr Aalia Khan
Dr Sharon Williams
Ashlea Medical Practice – Linden House
Dr Ivan Ratnayake
Dr Andrew Sharpe
Dr Shamini Sithamparanathan
Ashley Centre Surgery
Dr Nazila ToumadjCapelfield Surgery
Dr Pete DevesonDerby Medical Centre
Dr Sarah Haydon
Dr Amit Mehta
Fairfield Medical Centre
Dr Ash Kapoor
Dr Richard Strickland
Glenlyn Medical Centre
Dr Nicola Parker
Dr Andreas Pitsiaeli
Heathcote Medical Centre
Dr Clare Crabtree
Dr Kate Dale
ICP – Fitznells Manor Surgery
Dr Heather Carr-WhiteICP – Old Cottage Hospital
Dr Subo EmanuelLongcroft Clinic
Dr Chris MonellaMedwyn Surgery
Dr Arwa Kayali
Dr Mustafa Sarang
Nork Clinic
Dr Richard DraperOxshott Medical Centre
Dr Kugathasan Senduran
Dr Prakash Thoppuram
Shadbolt Park Surgery
Dr Elena CochraneTattenham Health Centre