ST3 and ST2 Induction

Posted by: Iain Buchanan - Posted on:

We welcomed our GPST3 trainees in the morning, setting out the shape of their training year ahead and having interactive sessions with them to ascertain their goals and expectations for the year, its amazing to think that these trainees are starting their final year now, the first two years seem to go by so quickly and the ST3 year is so markedly different from ST1 and St2 that this initial ST3 induction acts as a great bookend to the beginning of their final year.

We also welcomed our GPST2 trainees in the afternoon, the GPSt2 induction session provides a great opportunity  for our 2nd year trainees to get together as a group and start working together, again with some very interactive team building exercises.

The GPST2 induction is again a great bookend to a year that will culminate in the GPST2 Calibration day with Simulation actors, today we prepared the GPST2s for the year ahead and made sure their goals were aligned  with our expectations and the requirements the curriculum places on them.

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