Study and Professional Leave Guidance

Study Leave for DiTs in GP Training

Trainees get 30 days study leave per annum and days of attendance at half day release are deducted from this. This is generally in the order of 15 days per year, but the exact number and type of teaching sessions offered by each programme may vary. LTFT trainees are entitled to pro rata study leave time (i.e. a trainee working at 80% will be entitled to 24 days study leave per 12 months).

Cat 1: Required within the curriculum
Essential to achieve competences through their training programme or regional teaching.  These courses will usually be fully funded.

Cat 2: Enhanced knowledge 
Not recognised as a requirement for the trainee’s curriculum, however activities will help the trainee complete parts of the curriculum. It is expected that those applying for these courses will have met their core curriculum competencies for their stage of training. These will be 75% funded.

Cat 3: Career Progression
These courses should only be required at the latter stage of training. These courses should only be approved for funding if the trainee has achieved their core curriculum competencies for their stage of training.  These will be 50% funded.

Red: Courses not funded

*All courses for which funding is being sought (excluding mandatory training and half day release course) should be on PDP and have ES approval and Category III also needs APD approval; it is expected that those applying for these courses will have met their core curriculum competencies for their stage of training.

Please remember that all study leave needs to be applied for on Accent. Please ensure requests are submitted 6 weeks ahead and BEFORE you pay for your course. Retrospective study leave requests will not be authorised.

Further information can be found on the Severn PGME GP Training Study Leave Guidance page.

Examples of Courses/Experience other DiTs have undertaken:

  • GP Wellbeing Day (various providers, RCGP, Humble)
  • PCDS Dermoscopy – 1 day, face to face in London
  • Online Dermoscopy Education – BNSSG Training Hub – 3 half days online 
  • GP Red Whale Update course – Online or face-to-face in London- 1 day course 
  • RCGP Minor Surgery Course 
  • RCGP Joint injection Course 
  • Menopause course – Primary Women’s Trust 
  • Duty Doctor Simulation  – Half day course at Engineers House 
  • RCGP One Day Essentials  – various online 1 day courses
  • HEE Mentoring Course – 3 days online
  • Observing at Bristol Drugs Project
  • Observing different secondary care clinics

Professional Leave

Up to 5 days an academic year. Only to be taken in GP placements. Examples of opportunities: job interviews for NHS, attendance at committee meetings, the Modular Supervisor Course (MoSC)  or EESC to help trainers, Educational Supervisor approvals, Quality Panels and other similar activities. 

For more information and the application process: