Meet the Team

Holly Hardy – Associate Postgraduate Dean; Bristol, North Somerset and South Glos (BNSSG)

I have a long history of interest in GP education, having been a course organiser in Manchester and Clinical Teacher at the University of NSW Australia. I have been a nationally elected member of RCGP Council since 2015-2021 and am now Secretary of Severn RCGP Faculty .  I have also taken on clinical lead role of BNSSG Primary Care Training Hub with a focus on multi-disciplinary workforce and training. In addition, I am a part-time GP in Horfield and have four children – three at University and one at home which keeps me busy!  If you would like to make an appointment to see me, please contact Mandy

Mandy Price – Bristol GP Training Programme Manager

I have worked in GP Training since 2001, first at the deanery and now for the Bristol Scheme. Outside of work, I love to cook, and walking always helps to lower my blood pressure. I work from 7.00 – 3.00pm, mostly from home but I’m in the Learning and Research Building at Southmead Hospital on a Wednesday. (0117) 4148028

Nick Snelling – Training Programme Director

I am a partner in a GP practice in Bristol, and also the clinical lead for musculoskeletal medicine within BNSSG ICB. I am also a GP trainer. In a past life I worked in the private sector as an osteopath and have a particular interest in musculoskeletal medicine and pain management, and was involved in teaching and training osteopaths prior to coming into medicine. I have also been involved in expedition medicine for the past 10 years, with numerous cycling and hiking trips abroad.   

Shaba Nabi – Training Programme Director

I am the Lead GP at Charlotte Keel Medical Practice, which is an inner- city practice in Bristol. I followed a convoluted route to general practice which included Psychiatry, Neurology, Ship’s Doctor and Civilian Medical Officer for the RAF.  I have a portfolio career which includes Education, Prescribing Lead for the ICB, Medical Politics and a columnist for Pulse magazine.  When I am not working, I enjoy hanging out with my 3 kids and dancing to 90’s club music.

Jasmin Krischer – Training Programme Director

I have been a TPD for several years and am currently working with the ST3 trainee team. I am also an appraiser, GP Mentor and run the charity ‘HappyMaps’ UK. I’ve been involved in teaching in one form or another throughout my career and have always found it a great way to keep me on my toes and stay refreshed! I started out in Paediatrics but have ended up in general practice and have not regretted the move. I’ve been a GP trainer in the past and have taught medical students. I’m a good person to talk to about career choices as I’ve done a lot of different jobs; I’ve been a salaried GP, locum and GP partner, have worked in Sudan and East Timor for MSF and have combined general practice with assistantships in Dermatology and Paediatrics. I can be contacted on or

Jenna Powell – Training Programme Director

I am a salaried GP at The Family practice , Western College in Cotham.  In a past life I studied mathematics and worked in actuarial investment. I have always had an interest in education; tutoring mathematics, teaching medical students and junior doctors and getting involved in GP trainee education during my own training and love working with the GP trainees.   I have two children who keep me on my toes! When I do have time to let my hair down I love walking, enjoying the many lovely eateries in Bristol, and tending to my garden (the bits that haven’t been invaded by kids toys!)

Daniela Hall – Training Programme Director

I am a Salaried GP just north of Bristol in Gloucestershire. I enjoy working in rural GP practices and I have always been involved in teaching and learning, having links with Bristol University as well as post-graduate training. I have worked in respiratory medical research, leadership and overseas. I have a passion for encouraging self-development and striving to create a happy and healthy work environment in primary care. 

Outside of work I am kept busy by a 2 and a 4-year-old, a very energetic dog and a (slightly overgrown) allotment. 

Please always know you can come to me with any questions, concerns or aspirations you have for your GP training and I will do my best to support you.

Jess Laidlaw – Education and Leadership Scholar

I am a GPST3 and one of the education/leadership scholars in Bristol. In this role, I am working on the development of referral pathways between primary care and urgent/emergency paediatric services within the ICS, aiming to improve the provision of coordinated clinical assessment for children and young people. I am also a member of the Severn GPVTS committee and an ST1 mentor. 

Phil Copeman – Education and Leadership Scholar

I am an education and leadership scholar for the Bristol patch. My project focus is to develop the Bristol GP training website into a comprehensive resource for both trainers and trainers, improving the accessibility of key information and guidance in relation to training. Engaging both trainees and trainers in the process is absolutely essential, so if you have any suggestions or comments please get in touch!