The AKT Preparation Course

Facilitated by Nick Price & Abid Iqbal

The AKT Preparation Course


Day 1:        Wednesday 12.2.20       0930-16.30 Teaching Room 2, The Ridge Medical Centre, Cousen St, BD7 3JX.

Day 2:        Wednesday 19.3.20. 0930 -16.30. Bevan House Primary Care Centre 14 Piccadilly, Bradford BD1 3LS.

Facilitators:       Dr Nick Price and Abid Iqbal

Who is this for? ST1s and any trainee who has not done this course before. 

The AKT Preparation Course Learning Outcomes

Aims of the AKT Preparation Course

  • Assist candidates in planning their preparation strategies for the AKT exam
  • Offer insight into the format and scope of the AKT exam
  • Help develop an understanding of the principles of Evidence-Based Practice, Research Methodology and Information Mastery

Objectives of Day 1

By the end of Day 1 participants will have:

  • Become more aware of what the AKT is about and what it involves
  • Had their concerns and questions about this assessment addressed
  • Had the opportunity to sit an abbreviated practice paper and received a score
  • Reviewed the answers for a sample of questions in the context of the depth and breadth of knowledge required
  • A greater understanding of the principles of study design
  • A working knowledge of the various research methods

Objectives of Day 2

By the end of Day 2 participants will have:

  • Increased their knowledge of some common statistical concepts that can come up on the AKT
  • Practised application of some basic statistical concepts
  • Had the opportunity to apply some of the principles of basic medical statistics
  • A basic understanding of qualitative research
  • An understanding of how evidence is applied to clinical practice

The AKT Preparation Course Day 1 Programme

Day 1 Programme

0930 Arrival, welcome and introduction

1000 Introduction to the AKT

1045 Break

1100 “Do a paper”.

1200 Review questions – identifying learning needs, resources and strategies

1300 Lunch

1400 Introduction to evidence based practice and study design. 

1515 Break. 

1530 Applying EBP and Evaluation

The AKT Preparation Course Day 2 Programme

Day 2 Programme

0930 Arrival, welcome and introduction

1000 Introduction to statistics

1100 Break.

1130 Using statistics – workbook

1300 Lunch

1400 Introduction to qualitative research, reviewing study designs. 

1515 Break. 

1530 Strategies for preparing for the AKT and Evaluation

1630 Finish

The AKT Preparation Course Feedback

Thank you for attending the AKT Preparation Course. We really value your comments.

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