Modular Day Courses

Modular Day Courses

Bradford’s Modular Day Courses

Modular Day Courses

Modular Courses are specifically designed courses for trainees in hospital posts to take tie out and focus on key areas of learning. If you are in a hospital post, you should attend the relevant modular courses. Please get in touch with Gemma and your rota co-ordinator at the hospital as soon as possible to book time off.

How to design a Teaching Session

The following guiding principles may help you with constructing your session.

1. Knowledge is imparted in constructivist way

That is, building on what they already know rather than just ‘vomiting’ information all over them. To be able to do this, one needs to figure out the trainees’ starting point. 

[Vico (1700s), Dewey (1938), Piaget (1950) and Vygotsky (1978)]

2. The focus is on the application (to real cases for instance), analysis or evaluation of knowledge

Rather than a regurgitation of facts, figures, guidelines or what is written in books.

[Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Objectives (1956)]

3. The trainees’ experience is used

Encouraging trainees to trainees to bring their experience and reflect on it.

[Kolb’s Learning Cycle (1984)]

4. Learning  with ideas, feelings and actions (Bloom’s Taxonomy)

Encouraging trainees, where possible, to reflect in all three areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

[Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Objectives (1956)]

5. Encouraging a collaborative approach to learning

Where trainees learn from each other, as well as from you.

[principles of Constructivism]

6. Tying in the evidence where appropriate

And how this evidence may be applied in practice.

[Evidence Based Medicine, Eddy (1990)]

7. Promoting Self-Concept

To help trainees identify other resources to further deepen their knowledge, skills and/or attitudes and thus help with their daily practice as well as the AKT and CSA.

[‘self-concept’, Knowles (1984)

Wednesday Tutorial Programme

Purpose: Wednesday tutorials are for all trainees in GP posts (both ST1s and ST2s in their first GP post, and ST3s). The focus of these sessions is knowledge, application in practice and helping you to cover a broad range of the RCGP curriculum. Many will help you with AKT and CSA preparation; others are aimed at practical everyday things, or more difficult to get to areas. They are delivered by Trainees supported by their Trainers. So, you will need to pick a date and a topic title and then liaise with your trainer on how to structure and deliver the session. This will help you develop your teaching skills too. Remember to think about how best you can make your session come alive.

Where: The Ridge Medical Centre, Cousen Road, Bradford, BD7 3JX. You are better off parking on the nearby roads, (taking care with parking notices!) than in the practice car park, which is usually full.

Time: The session runs from 1.30pm – 2.45 pm.  They start punctually – so get there on time!