LTFTT & Maternity

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I’ve just found out I am pregnant. What now?

First of all, congratulations. We hope this is good news. The first thing to do is to tell your TPDs EARLY. In this way, they can sit down, look at your rotation, and make the necessary adjustments for you to…

  • Take a lovely maternity leave period; and
  • Seamlessly rejoin your GP training programme when it is time.

Reviews: every year, all trainees need…

  • 2 x ES meetings
  • 1 x ARCP panel

Whether you are full-time, part-time, on maternity, given an extension etc is immaterial. Every year, expect 2 x ES and 1 x ARCP. Most schemes run ARCP panels in January and July. Your annual ARCP will be in one of these periods.

How many assessments do I need to do?

If you are part time – then the minimum number of WPBA assessments that you need to do is reduced pro-rata accordingly. So, a part time ST2 trainee doing a 1 year post at 50% needs to do a MINIMUM of 1.5 CBDs every 6 months (= 3 in the 12 month period). An similar 50% trainee at ST3 level would need to do a minimum of 3 CBDs every 6 months  (or 6 in the 12 month period). Please remember, these are MINIMUMS – and you should be aiming to do a lot more.