ARCP stands for Annual Review of Competency Progression.  The ARCP panel meets yearly to review how each trainee is progressing in terms of the 13 Professional Capabilties defined by the RCGP. 

They do this by comprehensively reviewing their ePortfolio in a structured way. It does not involve a face-to-face review of the trainee. That is why maintaining the ePortfolio is important – a trainee is judged via their ePortfolio, and not face-to-face. The ePortfolio represents an individual’s training and progression.

If a trainee is deemed to be doing well, they can then be signed off to progress into the next ST year (or be given their Certificated of Completion of Training – CCT – if they are in their final year). For the ARCP panel to be able to sign the trainee off, they require the adequate number of Work-Place Based Assessments and log entries, but they also must have their Educational and Clinical Supervisor’s reports uploaded. If an ARCP is deemed unsatisfactory, a trainee may be called by a central panel for a face-to-face review.

When Do They Happen?

Basically, January and July of every year. So it’s a bad time to book a holiday then – in case you are needed for a face-to-face review.

The Final Hurdle Checklist

This is a comprehensive written guide to help trainees successfully qualify for CCT. The checklist was written by a Graduate trainee from Barnet GP VTS, Rumana Laskar.

ARCP pages – YH HEE ePortfolio guidance for satisfactory progression at ARCP