GP + Posts

GP+ Paediatrics

This post is based at Wigan Infirmary. You are exposed to a wide range of general paediatric experience including paediatric A&E and a weekly out-patient clinic. The department is friendly, with supportive senior staff and consultants.

There is a protected teaching programme with short teaching sessions spread through the week. The program includes the theory course for accreditation for Child Health Surveillance. You are able to gain the necessary practical experience for accreditation during your GP attachments. There are opportunities to attend community based clinics such as enuresis clinics and developmental delay clinics. You are released for the monthly Thursday afternoon GP teaching session.

GP+ Obstetrics And Gynaecology

During this post you will work 3 days a week in general practice while gaining experience of gynaecology and ante-natal care through attending hospital out-patient clinics and joining with the O&G departmental teaching programme.

GP+ Psychiatry

Psychiatric problems form a significant part of general practice.  These posts aim to allow more doctors on the Wigan GPSTP to include psychiatry as part of their training.  The psychiatry component of this post offers experience of working with patients with severe and enduring mental illness who are managed in the community.  The psychiatry part of this 6 month placement provides the opportunity to do 3 months in an adult and old age psychiatry community based team, like the recovery time, assessment team and another 3 months in RAID (liaison), which enhances the trainee experience.  The trainee will gain valuable experience working within a multidisciplinary framework under consultant supervision, with colleagues from other disciplines including mental health nurses, social workers, support workers, OT and a clinical psychologist.  The placement includes half a day attendance and participation at the academic programme at Atherleigh Park/Hollins Park Hospital.

GP+ Dermatology

This post involves working as a GP registrar in a training practice for 3 days a week, and spending the other two days working in the dermatology department at Leigh Infirmary.  The dermatology sessions are all out-patient based and the experience includes some minor surgery.   This post gives hands on experience with much of your learning occuring through clerking, examining and  patients, and then presenting your findings and proposed treatment plan to the consultant working eith you in clinic.  Youmay like to attend the regional minor surgery course during this post as part of your study leave.

GP+ Ophthalmology

Eye problems are common in general practice and are not covered well in medical training.  This post will help you become confident in assessing common ophthalmic problems though attending a weekly eye urgent referral clinic and out patient clinic.

GP+ Palliative Care

Pallaitive care is becoming an increasingly important part of GP work, not only dealing with patients who have cancer, but also looking after patients with end stage chronic diseases.  In the future about 1% of patients will be on a practices palliative care register.  This post will allow you to work 3 days a week in general practice with in-reach into Wigan and Leigh Hospice to spend time working with the hospice team looking after hospice in-patients, taking part in MDT meetings, and attending the internal hospice teaching programme.

GP+ Ent

Patients presenting with ENT problems is a significant part of a GP’s workload.  During this post you will attend 3 ENT clinics a week and your experience will include:

  • Attending and being involved in the ENT urgent referral clinic where you will gain experience in recognising which problems need an urgent ENT assessment and which can be safely managed in primary care
  • Attending two different ENT clinics where you will learn about the management of routine ENT problems and skills such as the Epley Manoeuvre
  • Attending the weekly ENT teaching
  • ENT MDT meetings