Portsmouth TARGET – protected learning time

TARGET provides: Time for Audit, Research, Governance, Education & Training

Portsmouth City teaching Primary Care Trust has supported protected time for learning for GP Practices in the city since 2001, and Portsmouth CCG are continuing to support TARGET.

Practices that sign up for the TARGET programme are able to close their surgeries for one half-day a month, during which time the GGC provides cover through the Out of Hours Service.

Why is TARGET important?

  • It  provides a coordinated relevant, focused, and quality education programme
  • It improves the quality of patient care through updating of knowledge and skills, and sharing of good practice
  • It encourages teamwork in primary care
  • It can aid personal and professional development
  • It disseminates PCT strategic objectives
  • It provides an opportunity to respond to new technological and governance issues within health care and in the NHS
  • It provides time and some resources for individuals and practices to address their continuing professional development (CPD) needs and follow their Practice Development Plans (PDP).

Who can go to TARGET?

  • Any clinical member who is part of a Practice that has signed up for TARGET:
  • doctors – partners / salaried / doctors in training
  • practice nurses
  • healthcare support workers
  • locum doctors on the PCT Performers List

Will we have a huge workload the next day if we close for TARGET?

  • Closing the practice is the same principle as closing for a weekend or bank holiday & is covered by the same OOH service.
  • The OOH service provides data to the practice about any patient activity undertaken for the practice’s patients.
  • TARGET monitors the OOH activities undertaken during the protected learning time to ensure that there is appropriate patient care and no abuse of the system
  • Some practices might have a busier surgery the following day, many do not and this has not prevented participation in TARGET.

What are the Clinical Education Events like?

The Clinical Education Events are:

  • The Clinical Education Events are:
  • Relevant, flexible and varied
  • Focussed on the needs of general practice
  • Sensitive to the strategic needs of the PCT
  • Responsive to a range of learning styles and learning needs
  • Based on feedback from the Appraisal process; audit; local demand

The Clinical Education Events provide:

  • Workshops provide opportunities for professional groups to work together and uni-professional groups to meet specific needs
  • Opportunities to extend knowledge and develop skills; share practice and learn about latest treatments and services from colleagues in primary and secondary care
  • Time to meet up with colleagues and share good practice.

Clinical Education Events (Main Events/ TARGET Together) are held at the Portsmouth Football Club where there is ample parking, or at various hotels in and around Portsmouth.

What are the Practice-Based Events (in-House Sessions) ?

Practice-Based Events are:

  • Team-based
  • Focus on practice development / service development
  • Flexible and responsive to needs of the practice and staff/clinicians
  • Educationally sound
  • Achieve consistency and equity
  • Attended by all staff who would benefit from protected learning time, and who are able to attend unless ill, on annual leave or whose conditions of employment do not enable them to attend

Practice-based events are held at the practice, or one larger practice can host a joint event. If required, a CCG venue can sometimes be arranged to provide a larger space for practices to meet.

Practice-based sessions must comply with the CCG’s Code of Practice for Pharmaceutical Sponsorship.

 For further information read the GP-TARGET contract contact Lisa Jordan at the Goddard Centre or visit https://www.porthosp.nhs.uk/