Medical Performer List for GPSTs and Newly Qualified GPs

Medical Performers List

This is the current guidance on timing for application for Medical Performers list, please check the times and apply in timely fashion to ensure you are on the list by the time you qualify as a GP

As you may be aware, you are required to be included in the English Medical Performers List to work independently in NHS general medical practice in England. The regulations have been amended during the Covid-19 pandemic, such that GP Trainees are NOT required to be on the Performers list, and only need to take action to join at the end of their training programme as outlined below.

Please apply at the right time, as applying too early will not lead to your joining the list, and will cause additional unnecessary administration for you and the supporting teams with whom we closely work. It is anticipated that upcoming changes to the Regulations will make this permanent.

For STI and ST2 trainees:
Please do not apply to the Performers List at this stage.  Due to the Covid-19 amendment to the Performers List Regulations, GPRs are not required to be on the Performers List whilst in training.  Whilst this is a temporary amendment, it is anticipated that upcoming
changes to the Regulations will make this permanent.

For ST3 trainees:
Your name may already be included on the List as arrangements may previously have been made for your inclusion on the List either before you started training or whilst you were in training, prior to the Pandemic rules. You can check if your name is already on the
Performers List here Search – Performers List for England. 

If your name is not already included on the Performers List you will need to make an application to join it, but NOT BEFORE you are within 6 calendar months of your anticipated CCT date.
ST3 trainees only should submit an application to join the Performers List no later than 3 months prior to CCT. 
In other words, you should only complete your application between 6 and 3 months.

BEFORE your expected CCT date. If the application is started too late, it may result in you not being able to work immediately as an independent qualified GP.
You can start your PCSE Online application form here PCSE: Login (   An application user guide, including information on how to register for an account and a list of documentation you need to upload as part of the application process, can be found here
Performer List Applicant Guide (

For all newly qualified GPs:
Once you have your CCT, please log into PCSE Online and change your status to GP Performer.  Further details of now to do this can be found here: General enquiries – Primary Care Support England