ARCP for Panel members

ARCP review prior to panel

Panel members can access their allocated GPSTs by logging onto FishBase and it uses the same login as your 14Fish login.

PS a reminder about TOOT below

TOOT (Time Out Of Training) and the way it is assessed and calculated has been clarified by the GP School. Here is a brief summary.

  1. It is the total number of days from the time your ‘go off sick’ to the day you return. So if you are off sick on Monday and return to work the following Monday that equals 7 days TOOT.
  2. Any day out of Training needs declaring (see 14 Fish advice below).
  3. GPSTs are expected to self report TOOT as it occurs through their e-portfolio (see 14 Fish advice below).
  4. If the total TOOT for your current ST phase (ST1, ST2 or ST3) of training exceeds 14 days and the ARCP panel is giving a satisfactory progress outcome they will extend your CCT date by TOOT declaration – 14 days.

Please note if you are not a full time Trainee the total TOOT threshold applies to the whole of your current ST phase of training NOT each calendar year.

So here are a couple of examples

Full time, August starter – days of TOOT in form R = 18, so CCT date extension is 18 -14 = 4 days
50% FTE, August starter – Days of TOOT from both form Rs of both ARCPs covering the two years of ST2 are added together, if they exceed 14 days CCT is extended.

Every 12 completed months of training all GPSTs are assessed on the basis of their:

Educational Supervision Reports
Clinical Supervision Reports
If you are not achieving satisfactory progress or if you’re randomly selected for calibration purposes then you are called to an ARCP panel to establish if you can proceed with your training.

The following link on fourteenfish has information of various aspect of ARCP panels. ARCP Panel Meetings – FourteenFish

Here is a video showing how to use Fishbase for ARCP

Key points re ESRs and ARCPs
Every GPST whether Full Time, LTFTT or Out Of Post must have a minimum of one RCGP e-portfolio based summative assessment every 12 months, even if they are out of post (OOP ESR).
Every GPST whether Full Time or LTFTT must have a minimum of one ARCP panel every twelve months of completed training.
The GP school are trying to move all ARCPs to the June date with the exception of pre CCT ARCPs for those out of sync (conduct 6 weeks prior to CCT date) or Doctors In Difficulty or those GPSTs who joined having applied for transferable competencies who require ARCP after 6 months and 12 monthly thereafter. So ST transition and pre mat leave ARCPs have gone.

The ARCP period may be stretched to 15 months, so any ARCPs due after mid March can go one the June list (assuming not pre CCT or DIDs)

ARCPs due after the June date may only be brought forward with the GPSTs consent (add as Educator’s Note).

If out of scheme 12 months from the last ARCP – Omar to complete a non assessment form to store locally and send to the School of GP (‘Deanery of old’).
Educational Supervisor Reviews are required every 12 months, so an OOP ESR is required if the review falls at a time when they are Out Of Post.
On return from maternity or sick leave a meeting should be held with their ES to plan the next few months (Educator’s Notes to be completes)
More than 30 days out of training requires the posts section of the e-portfolio to be changed
Less than 30 days out of training can simply go on the TOOT form R declaration
Short posts – A GPST returning from sick leave or starting maternity leave may only be in a post for a short period of time. If 6 weeks or less then that post does not count to Training (inform Joan). If between 3 months and 6 weeks it will count to training if they have a CSR, have generated 1 PDP and have done at least one aspect of WBPA (CBD/Cot or Mini-CEX) AND have some log entries. If a short post likely due to returning from mat leave encourage the GPST to use their Keeping In Touch days for an opportunity of WBPA and reflective log entries.

Here are the top 10 common mistakes that cause GPSTs to trip up at ARCP

  1. An incorrect/old version of the Form R OR a missed trainee signature from either the form R section or the covid declaration second part. Also GPSTs who have not ticked all the declarations (found in the ESR preparation section)
  2. TOOT declaration on form R does not match TOOT declaration in e-portfolio.
  3. Missing QIP or QIA activity.
  4. A minimum of at least one learning event (your reflection when things did not go to plan – it should relate to you and not a third party) per ARCP period.
  5. A minimum of 36 quality Clinical Case Reviews per ST phase of training (so a minimum of 18 for a 50% LTFTT over 12 months).
  6. BLS/AED, Child and Adult safeguarding level 3 certificates must be in date. ALSO there should be reflections on an annual update for both adult and child safeguarding AND at least one e-portfolio entry relating to child and adult safeguarding either reflections on safeguarding meetings you attended or reflections on patients that you have seen where safeguarding issues were considered.
  7. Three or more action points not generated at ESR. 1 or more PDPs not created relating to your next post.
  8. Inadequate number of CBDs/Mini-CEX/COT.
  9. Unreleased PSQs or MSFs
  10. August and prior Feb ESRs not signed off by both Trainee and Educational Supervisors

For ST3 finishers

  1. Prescribing review not completed/reflected upon, inadequate leadership activity (a simple 10 minute presentation at HDR does not count!), leadership MSF contributors were not part/involved in the leadership project.
  2. Mandatory CEPs should be signed off as competent for independent practice.
  3. You do need a PDP after completion of training and it should relate to life after GP Training.
  4. You have to have evidence of capability in urgent and unscheduled care (reflections on OOHs sessions, reflections on on-call sessions in Practice, CATs and COTs relating to urgent and unscheduled care).