Our GP Practices

A map of our training practices can be found here: Training Practices

Bury Training Practices

Blackford House Surgery
Trainers: Dr’s Alier, Ehsan & Golding

Fairfax Group Practice
Trainers: Dr’s Ham, Kathuria & Wookey

Greenmount Medical Centre (Tower Family Healthcare)
Trainers: Dr’s Bentley, Rolli & Wasty

Mile Lane Surgery
Trainer: Dr Clarke

Minden Medical Centre (Tower Family Healthcare)
Trainers: Dr’s Boodhun, Hagney & Patel

Peel GP’s
Trainer: Dr Palaniappan

Radcliffe Primary CC
Trainer: Dr Azeer

Ribblesdale Medical Practice
Trainer: Dr Bagewadi

Rock Healthcare
Trainer: Dr Nolan

St Gabriel’s Medical Centre
Trainer: Dr Kavanagh

Tottington Medical Practice (Tower Family Healthcare)
Trainers: Dr’s Millar & El-Jouzi

Unsworth Medical Practice
Trainer: Dr Hudson

Whittaker Lane Medical Centre
Trainers: Dr’s Malik, Schyer & Taylor

Heywood Middleton & Rochdale Training Practices

Ashworth Street Surgery, Rochdale
Trainers: Dr’s Doyle, Mudalige & Osborne

Castleton Health Centre, Rochdale
Trainers: Dr’s Mamman, Maratheftis, Marthi & Wright

Durnford Medical Centre, Middleton
Trainers: Dr’s Bracegirdle & Caldwell

Heady Hill, Heywood
Trainers: Dr’s Perez & Sala-Lluma

Healey Surgery, Rochdale
Trainers: Dr’s Khan, Ramadan & Rauf

Heywood Health, Heywood
Trainer: Dr Navarro

Hopwood Medical Centre, Heywood
Trainers: Dr’s Mohammed & Osborne

Littleborough Group Practice, Rochdale
Trainer: Dr Mallya

Mark Street Surgery, Rochdale
Trainers: Dr’s Parton & Reid

Peterloo Medical Centre, Middleton
Trainers: Dr’s Tonge & Walker

Stonefield Street Surgery, Rochdale
Trainer: Dr Crowley

The Village Medical Centre, Rochdale
Trainer: Dr Alam

Wellfield Health Centre, Rochdale
Trainer: Dr O’Reilly

Yorkshire Street Surgery, Rochdale
Trainer: Dr Ahmed

North Manchester Training Practices

The Avenue Medical Centre
Trainers: Dr’s Karigiri & Kundu

Collegiate Medical Centre
Trainers: Dr’s Clifford & Dawson

Cornerstones Family Practice
Trainers: Dr’s Kayani & Saeed

Five Oaks Family Practice
Trainers: Dr’s Dean & Lewis

Hazeldene Medical Centre
Trainers: Dr’s Dubey & Taylor

Park View Medical Centre
Trainer: Dr Gholkar

Urban Village Medical Centre
Trainers: Dr’s Greenlaw & Hedwat

Valentine Medical Centre
Trainer: Dr Blockley

Wellfield Medical Centre
Trainers: Dr’s Iqbal & Mukhtar

Oldham Training Practices

Block Lane Surgery
Trainers: Dr Asrani

CH Medical
Trainer: Dr Francis

Failsworth Group Practice
Trainer: Dr Saeed

Greenbank Medical Practice
Trainers: Dr’s Akram & Cecilia-Averos

Hopwood House Medical Practice
Trainer: Dr Hunjan

Kapur Family Care
Trainers: Dr’s Ghuman & Kauser

Littletown Family Medical Practice
Trainer: Dr Perveen

Medlock Medical Practice
Trainer: Dr Chauhan

Oaks Gables Partnership
Trainer: Dr Flanders

Royton & Crompton Family Practice
Trainer: Dr Ahmad

Saddleworth Medical Practice
Trainers: Dr’s Gibbons & Watson

Saraf Medical Practice
Trainer: Dr Saraf

Springfield House
Trainers: Dr’s Gibson & Makojnik

St Mary’s Health Centre
Trainers: Dr’s Dixon, Lewis & Richbell

Woodland Medical Practice
Trainer: Dr Bhatti