What is it like to do OOH?

Get to the INDUCTION and ensure you get your logon and password for the rota ASAP

  • Shifts available: Base – triage; Base – clinics; mobile
  • Locations include: Denton, UHSM, CMFT, Ashton, Oldham
  • Opportunity to be observed directly with immediate feedback
  • Unique situations: deaths; palliative care; home visits with driver etc
  • Think of you patient management as a GP and how it affects OOH service management
  • See as many people yourself as you can ….this is better for learning and development
  • Good acute management experience
  • Get to know other services available for patients – locally, city wide and communicate well


Contact Details

Information Officer (Go To Doc Urgent Care)
The Forum, 2 Tameside Business Park, Denton, Manchester M34 3QS
Office Hours: 08.00 am – 04.00 pm
Direct line tel: 0161 934 2802 (please note no answer phone facility)
Office tel: 0161 336 3252
Office fax: 0161 336 3009