Who else is involved in your training?

Educational Supervisors

At the start of the programme you are allocated an educational supervisor. These are GP trainers who will oversee your progress throughout the training programme and in many cases will be the same person through the three years, although in some cases may change in ST3. They meet you regularly to review progress against the competence areas (including workplace based evidence), agree a learning plan and sign off your e-portfolio every six months. The result of your review will be “satisfactory”, “unsatisfactory” or “review by panel”. Planning your three year programme is important very early on, your previous experience is taken into account and the most beneficial use of your study time is identified. The educational supervisors authorise your study leave along with the programme director.

Clinical Supervisors

You are allocated a clinical supervisor for each post. This is a hospital Consultant who will oversee your day-to-day work and are your point of contact in issues relating to the specific posts. This is the person who must complete your assessments and fill in your clinical supervisors report.