Frailty, Audit and MSK

Posted by: Iain Buchanan - Posted on:

Marking the first full day of GPSTS  training for all our years, today was jam packed full of learning.

We started with a Frailty session for our GPST3 trainees, presented by SASH Ortho-Geriatric consultant Dr Iain Wilkinson,  which was followed by a session centred on Audit presented by our very own Program Director Dr Terry Conaty.

The afternoon GPST1/2 session followed after lunch, this was a practical MSK session ran by Dr Laura Finucane, a GP with Specialist Interest in Muscular Skeletal.

For the afternoon session we had 3 areas, each with a facilitator and a group of trainees, each area had an examination couch and the trainees were taught how to conduct specific MSK examinations on their fellow trainees, the trainees then rotated through each of the three areas with a lectures breaking up the afternoon.

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