Most Doctors either choose to live in close to Royal Cornwall Hospital (RCHT) in Truro, or by the beach, in the beautiful beachside villages of Perranporth and St. Agnes (more details below) Not all placements are at RCHT and some can be quite far away (especially when on GP placements), so where you live is up to you to decide and will likely depend on the transport you have, willingness to commute, and how close to the beach (or hospital) you want to live. There are a couple of options relating to accommodation as outlined below: 

Hospital Accommodation

Sanctuary Housing has a number of accommodation units within the Trust grounds that are available to let, details and application form can be found on the link below. The minimum period on their website is 9 months however this is flexible.

Private Rentals

Private rent is available through estate agents. If this is your preferred option, Medical Staffing are able to provide details of your salary to estate agents (they will need to contact you before releasing information to external agencies). They can be contacted on 

Non-urgent advice: Room Shares

Room shares available on You can search for available rooms or post an ad about the type of room you are looking for. 

Fellow Doctors post their spare rooms or upcoming rentals on the Truro Doctors Mess Facebook group. It is often worth joining and monitoring the group for announcements of available accommodation and posting a message stating what accommodation you are looking for. If you would rather buddy up with a fellow GP trainee, join the Cornwall GPVTS 2021 Facebook group and post in there.