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N.B. Re CPD and ES payments:

A new system will come into force for the financial year 2017/18 and those changes are outlined below:

  1. We will see this a budget to be spent in the financial year (April to April)  and not the academic year (August to August)
  2. You will receive one reminder in March every year with a request to invoice us before the end of April that year.
  3. We will ask that you send one invoice which requests the payment to be made. That will be for £750 for the CPD award for that financial year and £500 for the ES payment for one trainee. This way we will ensure that the bulk of the budget is allocated. There will be some ‘winners’ with regard to all getting a full year of ES payment.
  4. Additional invoices for ES payment can be sent where more than one trainee is being educationally supervised, or (for example) for part year for CPD payments when a new trainer comes ‘online’.
  5. To further reduce the bureaucracy we will not require evidence of your PDP to trigger the CPD payment.
  6. One reminder will be sent, in March, and no other reminders will be sent.
  7. Any invoices received which are associated with previous financial years will not be paid.