Requirements for Completion of Training and working as a qualified GP

Requirements for GPs to work in the UK

Along with a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT), obtained via application to the GMC (see below for actioning an Outcome 6 following final ARCP and further information on the RCGP website) ahead of your final ARCP, all doctors require the following to work as a GP in the UK:

National Performers List

The following information has been sourced from Peninsula and Severn Primary Care Schools Team:

You are required to be included in the English Medical Performers List to work independently in NHS general medical practice in England. The regulations have been amended during the Covid-19 pandemic, such that GP Doctors in Training are NOT required to be on the Performers list, and only need to take action to join at the end of their training programme, as outlined below.

Please apply at the right time, as applying too early will not lead to your joining the list, and will cause additional unnecessary administration for you and the supporting teams with whom we closely work. Please see below for specific guidance on this relative to your stage in training.

It is anticipated that upcoming changes to the Regulations will make this permanent, hence you should follow this advice until further notice:

For STI and ST2 trainees:

Please do not apply to the Performers List at this stage.  Due to the Covid-19 amendment to the Performers List Regulations, GP registrars are not required to be on the Performers List whilst in training.  Whilst this is a temporary amendment, it is anticipated that upcoming changes to the Regulations will make this permanent.

For ST3 trainees:

Your name may already be included on the List as arrangements may previously have been made for your inclusion on the List either before you started training or whilst you were in training, prior to the Pandemic rules.  You can check if your name is already on the Performers List here Search – Performers List for England

If you started your GP training before the 5th August 2020, please check that your name appears on the Performers List. If you are included on the Performers List, please only follow the guidance at the bottom of this section For all newly qualified GPs.

If your name is not already included on the Performers List you will need to apply 3-6 months before your predicted CCT date.

f the application is started too late, it may result in you not being able to work immediately as an independent qualified GP.  

You can start your PCSE Online application form here PCSS: Login (   An application user guide, including information on how to register for an account and a list of documentation you need to upload as part of the application process, can be found here Performer List Applicant Guide (

Please note – it is essential that you apply to the Performers List as a GP Registrar and not as a GP Performer.  This information is captured in the Capacity section of the application form.  Please select Medical and then GP Registrar.

Your completed application will be considered by your regional NHS England Performers List team and, once accepted, you will appear on the Performers List as a GP Registrar.  You can change your Performers List status after qualification, as described below.

For all newly qualified GPs:

Once you have your CCT, please log into PCSE Online and change your status to GP Performer.  Further details of now to do this can be found here: General enquiries – Primary Care Support England

It’s important to note that there are separate lists for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. In Scotland, each health board runs its own performers list and there is no central list.

If you have any queries, please email:

How to action an Outcome 6 at final ARCP to obtain CCT

Once you have been issued an Outcome 6 at ARCP, once available on ePortfolio, please read through the ARCP form and sign it off as soon as possible to initiate the CCT process with the College.   

Here is the RCGP guide to Appraisal & Revalidation for newly qualified GPs.

GPs wishing to start work as soon as possible should follow these steps:

1.   When you sign off your Outcome 6 ARCP form, it converts to a PDF and signals to the RCGP that they can check over your ePortfolio and make their CCT recommendation to the GMC.

2.    Obtain a copy of your medical indemnity or insurance to show you are covered to work as a Locum, Salaried etc. this can be obtained from unless you made your own provision or are indemnified by an another provider.

3.   When you have received your CCT from the GMC & your evidence of indemnity or insurance visit GP Registrars completing training – Primary Care Support England website, where you can upload both certificates.

You will be able to start work once you have completed the online form and uploaded a copy of your Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) to PCSE.

If you have any queries regarding CCT, please visit the RCGP Certificate of Completion of Training webpage & General Practice Specialty Training Guidance

NHS England Revalidation & Appraisal team will make contact with you shortly after your CCT date to facilitate your ongoing revalidation. This is because revalidation is based on a local evaluation of doctors’ practice through appraisal. Through a formal link with an organisation, determined usually by employment or contracting arrangements, each doctor relates to a senior doctor in the organisation, the responsible officer (RO). 

For further information see The revalidation process – YouTube or contact the NHS England SW Revalidation & Appraisal team.

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